Upgrade Product Catalog 

Product Catalog 2.0 includes a host of new features and capabilities that enable you to unlock the full potential of your Chargebee app. This upgrade is designed to support the continued growth of your business with a keen focus on high operational efficiency to reduce the go-to-market time for new product offerings

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Features and Benefits 

Let's review some of the salient features of Product Catalog 2.0 and why you must upgrade immediately!

Product Catalog Items and Price Points 

Do you currently sell an offering in multiple currencies and billing frequencies? With Product Catalog 1.0 you'd have to undertake the time-consuming effort to create and configure numerous plans based on currency and billing frequency.

The upgrade to Product Catalog 2.0 empowers you to define a single plan and build multiple price points with currencies and billing frequencies. Each of these price points will inherit the properties associated with the Plan by default. Let's review this example to understand this better:

ABC is a subscription-based graphic tool that is increasingly popular in North America and is slowly gaining traction in Europe. They are looking to sell the same tool in the EU as well in the local currencies and billing frequencies preferred in this region

Product Catalog 1.0 Product Catalog 2.0
Each offering must be created as Individual Plans based on their currency and billing frequency. This leads to the complexity associated with managing multiple plans.

  • Plan 1: Monthly USD

  • Plan 2: Semi Annual USD

  • Plan 3: Annual USD

  • Plan 4: Monthly EUR

  • Plan 5: Semi Annual EUR

  • Plan 6: Annual EUR

A Single Plan can accommodate all the needed selling options in currencies and billing frequencies as various price points. Product Catalog 2.0 supports Subscription price overriding, even for the products with tiers-based pricing model. Also, Non-recurring addons such as set-up fees are now decoupled from Plans as an independent item within Product Family as Charges.

ABC Subscription Plan


  • Monthly USD
  • Semi Annual USD
  • Annual USD

  • Monthly EUR
  • Semi Annual EUR
  • Annual EUR

Learn more about Creating Plans with Product Catalog 2.0 here.

Product Families 

Do you have multiple product offerings that are best compiled into a bundle for ease of management? Our Product Families solution allows you to group your offerings into an easy-to-manage group structure. Let's review this example to understand this better.

XYZ Inc is a learning technology company that builds learning management system (LMS) software and learning content. A recent decision was made to group their offerings into segments to optimize development and management.

Product Catalog 1.0 Product Catalog 2.0
The offerings would continue to exist as multiple individual plans that are bound to be laborious to manage in the long run.

  • Learning Management System - Plan

  • Learning Management System - Addon

  • Learning Content - Plan

  • Learning Content - Addon

The offerings are grouped into a family structure allowing for optimal management.

Learning Management System

  • Plans
  • Addons
Learning Content

  • Plans
  • Addons

Learn more about creating Product Families here.

Differential Pricing 

Do you offer the same addon at varying prices based on the plan that is purchased?

You can set this up without duplicating addons anymore. Our differential pricing allows you to define the pricing structure for addons and charges associated with a subscription plan. Differential pricing not only helps address your unique pricing strategies for bundling plans and addons but does so with a clutter-free product catalog without manual intervention such as overriding the price while creating a subscription. Let's review this example to understand this better:

Your Plan currently includes a support fee bundled with all subscription plans. However, the prices vary based on subscription plans.

Product Catalog 1.0 Product Catalog 2.0
Multiple Individual Addons must be created and bundled with each variant of the subscription plan. The creation of multiple addons is a time consuming effort that may lead to errors due to manual intervention. Addtionally, the consolidation of these duplications for reports will require significant effort.

An Addon or Charge can be configured with multiple price points based on the subscription plan it is purchased with. This automated approach enables you to save time and avoid errors due to manual intervention. Learn more about configuring Differential Pricing here.

Advanced Coupon Configuration 

Do you wish to create customized coupons that are exclusively applicable to specific products or billing frequencies? Our enhanced coupons feature with Product Catalog 2.0 allows you to create customized coupon codes that customers can use based on the criteria you define. Let's review this example to understand it better.
ABC is a subscription-based graphic tool that is increasingly popular in North America and is slowly gaining traction in Europe. They would like to create coupons available to specific plans based on currency.

Product Catalog 1.0 Product Catalog 2.0
Coupons can be configured to be applicable for a set of plans and addons. This could possibly lead to increased effort to manage multiple coupons and there is a need for manually extending their validity to the future items created in the catalog.

A Single Coupon can be configured to be applicable plans, addons or charges based on a defined criteria. Hence, the availability of these coupons can be extended to any future product catalog items if the defined coupon criterion is met. This makes it easier to manage the coupons and their availability to customers. Learn more about configuring Differential Pricing here.

Metered Billing 

Metered Billing enables you to charge customers based on the usage or consumption of their products and services. With Product Catalog 2.0, you can now configure metered billing not just for plans but for addons and charges as well. Additionally, Chargebee can compute the charges based on the inputs from merchants with usage data.

Product Catalog 1.0 Product Catalog 2.0
Planscan be configured with metered billing. However, this feature is not available for Addons. Hence, Charges must be passed directly.

Plans and Addons can be configured with metered billing. Charges need not be passed directly; you can choose to send only the usage units and the charges are computed based on the pricing model configured for the respective items.

Upgrade Process 

Once you've decided to upgrade, our team will guide you through the process to ensure a seamless upgrade to the latest catalog. The following process is currently in place as part of the upgrade program:

  1. Initiation: Reach out to Chargebee support  to express your interest in Product Catalog 2.0.
  2. Review and Demo: Our team will reach out to you with a quick review and demo of Product Catalog 2.0 and discuss its salient feature and benefits.
  3. Migration Template: We need your input to map the existing plans and addons into the product family structure of Product Catalog 2.0.
  4. Compatibility Review: Complete a review of your existing integrations, including Chargebee's APIs and other third-party integrations for Accounting, CRM, Reporting, and much more. This review will help identify the changes required at your end.

At first, we will upgrade the catalog in your test site using your inputs to complete the mapping from Product Catalog 1.0 to 2.0. Upon completion, you can use this test site to review and validate the changes. Once you approve, these upgrades will be applied to the live site too.

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