A/B Test in-house vs. Retention using Bypass 

We have introduced the bypass feature which allows you to A/B test your existing in-house cancel experience against Chargebee Retention. This testing gives you the confidence that your Retention workflow is providing lift over your existing in-house flow. This feature is available for customers using the Chargebee Billing Integration + Retention. Here is how it works:

A word of caution before we get into how to set this test up. A lot of our customers think they should try to replicate their in-house flow in Chargebee Retention for this test. We DO NOT recommend this as a best practice. The Retention platform was built with advanced functionality to allow you to test and target offers to optimize your Retention workflow. Therefore, we suggest you try and utilize the solution as much as possible during this test and put your best foot forward. This is why we provide recommended offers in the Retention app and our team is here to provide guidance if needed, just reach out to retention-support@chargebee.com and we will assist you.

Now onto the test setup part?.

Bypass Testing Setup

Please sign up through the Chargebee Early Adopter Program to get access to the bypass feature.

To enable bypass, go into Settings > Setup > Configuration > Billing > Enable Bypass Targeting. Enter the bypass percentage which represents traffic redirected to your existing cancel experience.

Note: if you are using the Chargebee Portal to manage customer subscriptions, this integration will require no-code. If you are integrated to Chargebee via API, you will need to include the bypass API to enable the Lift report to track your performance.

Chargebee Portal Integration Instructions

Within the Chargebee Billing app, go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self-Serve Portal to verify that the "Enable Cancellation via Chargebee Retention" setting is enabled and cancellation settings when the self-serve portal cancel experience is used.

API Integration Instructions

If you are using APIs to integrate into Chargebee Retention, you will need to review the response for the pre_cancel Hosted Pages API call in order to trigger your fallback experience. When the bypass flag is returned as true, you should display your existing in-house cancel workflow along and will need to return a call to the events API when this experience is loaded.

Bypass Experience

Now that bypass has been configured, your customers that click on the cancel button in the Chargebee self serve portal will see either the Chargebee Retention cancel page or the default Chargebee self serve portal cancel page (example below).

If you are using APIs to integrate, customers will be routed to your existing in-house cancel flow.

Bypass Performance Reports

New lift reports on the dashboard and Insights section will help you quantify the performance lift of Chargebee Retention compared to your existing cancel experience. You will be able to compare deflection rate, retained revenue, and other metrics. See Lift Report for more details.

We will be working on enhancements including support for Chargebee Billing customers who do not use the Chargebee self serve portal. If you have any further questions about the bypass testing feature, please contact retention-support@chargebee.com.

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