Smart Routing (Beta): Machine Learning in Chargebee Retention 

We are excited to launch the Machine Learning-based Smart Routing feature in Beta!


Chargebee Retention runs thousands of concurrent tests incorporating millions of customer attributes, offer and cancel signals, and experimental session outcomes. While randomized testing and/or rules-based segmentation are helpful for identifying high potential audiences and testing experience performance at scale, we've found that presenting the right experience to the right subscriber at the right time is a problem that lends itself well` to machine learning (ML).

Our data science team has been testing ML models to augment Chargebee Retention's auto-targeting and routing capabilities - and from that, "Smart Routing" was born. There are hundreds of variables that go into the decision logic tree that can influence whether a subscriber stays vs. cancels, and our initial testing show that generally, ML models can drive better results, with less effort, than manually routing cancels via rules-based segments. Note: results will vary by company and use case.

How it works 

When a user clicks cancel, Chargebee Retention ingests all customer data mapped from the brightback.js snippet, from billing, or from Salesforce CRM. Our algorithms route the subscriber to the Chargebee Retention cancel experience that is most likely to deflect the cancellation via a combination of offers, loss aversion, and content.

Smart Routing trains and tests the retention model initially using only a small percentage of your overall cancel traffic. If Chargebee Retention establishes that deflection rates from Smart Routing outperform those of randomized or manually-targeted routing, you may opt to dial up the percentage of traffic that is routed via ML. You do not need to retire existing experiences, as Smart Routing will immediately start using your existing experiences. You can publish (or remove) additional Chargebee Retention experiences at any time, and the Smart Routing algorithm will automatically update to route more/fewer cancellations to it, based on performance.

Who is eligible to participate in the Smart Routing Beta program? 

Any Chargebee Retention customer who is paying for an annual Performance or Enterprise plan and has at least 1,000 monthly cancels is eligible to participate.

What is the pricing? 

There is no currently additional cost to activate Smart Routing (beta). For more information or to request access, please contact

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