Multi-Language Cancel Pages 

Chargebee Retention allows you to translate all of the elements of the Cancel Page so that you can display your pages to users in different languages. There are several areas of the Cancel Page you will need to translate, including the page content itself, the Offers and Loss Aversion, and the warnings you see in the cancel survey when a user does not fill out a required field. Here are a few tips on how to setup a multi-language cancel experience:

First you will need to determine how you split out the various languages. Chargebee Retention provides two options, you can either create Audiences for each language and Target them appropriately, or if you are on the Enterprise Plan you can create separate Apps for each Region / Language that will contain completely separate experiences, reporting, etc?

If you go the Targeting route, the Targeting Page will look something like this.

You will need to make sure you have a valid parameter passed through to identify which language a user should see, and you will use this parameter to set your Audiences up. You will then want to translate each page to fit its specific audience and give it a page name that makes this really clear, such as "FN - High Value Credit."

Finally, to translate the warning messages in your Cancel Survey, you will need to go to the Page Settings where you can now override the global settings which are configured in Branding.

Doing so will update this page to override what you have set in the Branding Manager. Once you have done all this, you should be good to go with your multi-language Cancel Experience. Keep in mind that if you use different billing systems or have different integrations for each of your Regions, you are going to go with the multi-app approach instead of the Targeting approach.


Currently Chargebee Retention does not support any right to left languages.

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