Reporting on Experience/Page Performance 

The Experience Performance report allows you to get a detailed breakdown of the performance of each of your Experiences (pages) in Chargebee Retention. This report allows you to view the various key Deflection Funnel metrics associated with each of your cancel pages to understand how various elements are performing. You can now answer the following questions:

  • How much traffic is going to each page for a given period?
  • How are my Cancel Experiences doing at driving overall deflection?
  • Which Experience has the highest performing Offer/Loss Aversion/Passive Deflection?
  • Which Audiences have the highest performing Offer/Loss Aversion/Passive Deflection?
  • How do Saves/Cancels/Watch List break down by Experience, Reason, or Audience?
  • Which Cancel Reason has the highest Offer Accept Rate?
  • Which Audience has the highest Deflect Rate?
  • Which Loss Aversion Card is performing best?
  • How is my a/b test doing?
  • How are my random offer tests performing?

And many more? This is one of the most powerful reports in Chargebee Retention, so let's dig into the details.

The Experience Performance report by default will show Experiences > Reasons as your Breakdown. You can edit this breakdown by selecting the group by icon in the top left of the chart.

Here we give you the option to define up to three groupings, which will adjust the report accordingly. This gives you the flexibility to slice & dice your Experience Performance report as you see fit. A common selection is to display Audiences > Experiences.

This gives you the option to slice and dice the report by either Audience, Experience or Reason and then break it down further for each of these groupings. You also can add additional columns to this report to see how each breakdown performs for metrics such as Offer Accept Rates and Passive Deflect Rates.

If you have any questions about how to use the Experience Performance Report or the data you are seeing in it, please contact

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