Understanding the Insights Report 

The Insights Report collects the Reason your customer Cancels or Downgrades from the Chargebee Retention Page, and aggregates the data into an easy-to-digest report you can break down in a number of ways. At a glance, view the number of visits to your Chargebee Retention Page alongside the number of Cancels, Saves, and Deflect Rate.

A Reason on the Insights Report is the customer facing option for why they choose to cancel on the Chargebee Retention Page Reason Survey. Reasons are based on Chargebee Retention Categories, but customized for your business.

The Category on the other hand, is the broader grouping for different Reasons on the Cancel Page Reason survey like Pricing, Company, Execution, Product, Customer Experience, Needs, and Shipping and Handling.

For example, the Reasons "Never got setup" and "Customer Service was Unsatisfactory" both fall under the Category of Customer Experience, but speak to very different problems. Never got setup indicates a need for more focus on customer onboarding, where a poor customer experience might speak to more QA for customer support, but both problems are likely solved by the same team or department.

Drilling into your Insights

Clicking into a specified Reason will pull up a drilldown list you can export.

Use the Reasons drilldown to export a list specific to a reason or problem, like if you only wanted a list of folks that left because they never properly onboarded, but not those who had a poor customer experience.

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