Use the ‘Last Updated' filter for easier syncing

Week 4, September

The attributes resource_version and updated_at are now introduced in core API resources (Customer , Subscription , Invoice , Transaction , and Credit Note ). They convey the version of the resource, and the date and time (timestamp) at which the resource was changed, respectively. The resource_version is a long number and each update of the resource results in incremental change of this number.

You can make use of the 'List' API to filter out resources based on the updated_at attribute.

Useful for Incremental Syncing of resources:
If you sync Chargebee data to a third party application, you could make use of these attributes to check if a particular resource has been modified since your last sync. For instance, if you sync your customer data to a third party application on a daily basis, instead of looking for customer_created, customer_changed, or customer_deleted events, you could make use of the 'List Customer' API along with the updated_at filter, specifying the time range to filter for the required customers, and sync the data if the current value of the resource_version is greater than that of the last synced resource_version value.


These attributes will be be returned as part of the resource only for those resources that have changed after September 28, 2016.