Subscription Management Software

The Subscription Management Platform For Maximizing Growth

Chargebee automates subscription management with a stellar customer experience for 6500+ SaaS and eCommerce companies.

Plan and Pricing Management

Bundle and Unbundle Plans and Test Pricing

New revenue opportunities could be hiding behind untested pricing. Chargebee lets you roll out new plans, pricing, and addons rapidly with flexible billing frequencies, and grandfather old ones with no developer dependency. Whether you follow a flat-fee, usage-based, or hybrid pricing model, or have a one-time charge, Chargebee supports it all.

  • Hybrid pricing model support

  • Bundle management & customization

  • Grandfather plans & pricing

  • Plans, addons, and one-time charges management

Subscription Lifecycle Management

Automate Every Step from Trial to Retention

Automate the essentials of subscription lifecycle management like nudging trial users to the paid plan, collecting customer payment details, managing upgrade or downgrade billing adjustments, and subscription renewals. Develop personalized initiatives to deflect cancellations, automate revenue recovery, and retain at-risk customers. Create interactive cancel pages, personalized offers, and tailored experiences unique to every customer that encourages them to stay on.

  • Upgrades, downgrades, renewal management

  • Smart payment routing

  • Proration calculation

  • Payment details collection

  • Self-service portal for customers

  • Revenue recovery automation

Trial & Coupon Management

Acquire and Convert Better with Seamless Workflows

Trials can be the perfect way to make your product sell itself. Choose to add friction early in the cycle or widen your top funnel acquisition with free and paid trials. Allow sales to keep conversations warm by extending trials, and convert prospects with the oldest trick in the marketing arsenal—discounts. And set up a smooth gifting workflow that converts even the recipient.

  • Trial management

  • Coupon & discount management

  • Gift subscriptions

  • No-code Checkout workflow

  • Email notifications

Entitlement Management

Set Usage Limits and Manage Feature Access

A good monetization strategy requires quick packaging and pricing experiments. With Chargebee you can map features to plans, unbundle, and bundle features using just the UI. Offer customized packages, and limited-period feature trials to incentivize expansion. Provision, revoke, and manage feature access on a plan or subscription level.

  • Feature Access Management

  • Limited-period feature trials

  • Upsell management

Subscription Reports

Gain Instant Access to Powerful Subscription Insights

Get 360° business visibility with subscription analytics and insight-driven, interactive dashboards. Dive into metrics like Average Revenue Per Subscription, Lifetime Value, etc. And then go even deeper into MRR growth across plans, and analyze retention cohorts month-on-month. Completely customize dashboards and build your own reports without any code or Excel sheets and drive alignment across the organization.

  • MRR Growth Reports

  • Churn & Leakage reports

  • Custom Report Builder

  • Revenue Recognition & Deferred revenue reporting 

FAQs About Subscription Management

Subscription management refers to the process of handling all aspects related to managing customer subscriptions for businesses. It helps businesses track, manage, and optimize revenue from their subscriptions by providing tools and software that support the entire lifecycle of a subscriber. This dynamic solution not only supports businesses in managing their subscribers but also assists in handling tasks such as billing, renewals, cancellations, and even reporting on subscriber growth. Subscription management software is an innovative platform that provides seamless support for businesses looking to streamline their subscription processes. With access to features like automated billing, customer account management, and internal reporting capabilities, this solution offers companies the best way to efficiently handle all activities related to subscriber needs. In essence, subscription management is the art of ensuring that customers have a smooth experience throughout their subscription lifecycle. Whether it's purchasing a new subscription or renewing an existing one, this platform helps companies provide top-notch service while maximizing revenue gains at all times.

Subscription management software is an innovative tool that helps businesses manage the lifecycle of their subscriptions. It provides seamless support for managing all aspects of the subscriber lifecycle, from onboarding to renewals and even cancellations. This dynamic platform supports businesses in handling tasks related to subscriber management, billing, and revenue collection. With subscription management software, you can track customer activities, gain access to detailed reporting on subscription growth, and ensure efficient handling of all subscriber-related processes. This solution not only supports internal business needs but also enhances the overall customer experience by providing a platform for easy access to products or services. In essence, subscription management software is a game-changer for companies looking to streamline their subscription processes and maximize revenue gains. Whether you are a SaaS company or an e-commerce business, this innovative solution offers the best tools and features needed to effectively manage your subscriptions and drive business growth.

Chargebee's innovative platform provides businesses with a seamless solution for managing their subscriptions. Whether you are a small startup or an established company, this software supports all aspects of the subscriber lifecycle, from onboarding to renewals. With Chargebee, you can easily track and manage customer subscriptions, handle billing and payments, and even report on revenue gains. The dynamic tools offered by this platform help businesses stay on top of their subscription activities, ensuring that customers have access to the products or services they need. This software not only refers to managing subscriptions but also handles related tasks such as handling cancellations and fulfilling new orders. It is truly an art in subscription management that helps companies optimize their revenue streams while providing the best possible experience for subscribers. In conclusion, Chargebee's subscription management software is the best solution for businesses looking to streamline their subscription processes and drive growth. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it is the go-to platform for companies of all sizes seeking efficient subscription management solutions.

Subscription management software is essential for businesses looking to efficiently handle the lifecycle of their subscriptions. It helps you manage all aspects of your customer subscriptions, from onboarding new subscribers to handling renewals and cancellations. This innovative solution provides seamless support for managing revenue streams, tracking subscriber activities, and ensuring timely billing and payment collection. By using subscription management software, companies can gain access to dynamic tools that support the overall growth of their business. The platform offers features such as reporting capabilities, internal account ownership, and fulfillment processes that streamline tasks related to subscriber management. With this solution in place, businesses can better track subscriber needs and provide the best possible service throughout the entire subscription cycle. In conclusion, investing in subscription management software is crucial for any company looking to optimize its subscription-based revenue model. By utilizing this advanced tool, businesses can effectively manage their subscriptions and ensure customer satisfaction at all times.