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Chargebee Data Centers 

Chargebee offers multiple options for regions where the data for your accounts can be hosted. You may select a hosting region based on your data residency requirements which are, in turn, derived from the data protection regulations in your region of incorporation and the region(s) of your customer base. The sites (both TEST and LIVE) of a given Chargebee account can be hosted in any one of the regions available.


When you sign up for a new account in Chargebee, the hosting region is the US by default. To change the hosting region, contact [email protected] .All the Chargebee data will be lost on changing the hosting region.

Data Center Locations 

We are building out capabilities to host your data in the region of your choice. Currently, we offer a choice of three data center regions.


If you wish to use Chargebee across multiple regions, create a Chargebee account in each of the desired regions.

United States (US) Data Center 

For the US Data Center, we use the AWS region US East (N. Virginia).

European Union (EU) Data Center 

For the EU Data Center, we use the AWS region EU (Frankfurt).

Feature Compatibility

What's stored in a Data Center? 

  • The data seen on the Chargebee web application.
  • The data returned by our APIs.
  • The Hosted Pages that are available to your customer. This includes - Checkout and Self-Serve Portal.
  • The data stored by the third-party integrations supported by Chargebee.

If you use integrations that are not built by Chargebee, contact their developers to understand their data hosting options.

Logging into Chargebee 

When logging into Chargebee, select the hosting region that is applicable for your site:

You only have to make this choice once on your browser as we store your region preference in cookies. For reference, here are the region-specific sign-in URLs:

Coming Soon! 

We are actively working on setting up tooling to help customers migrate their account(s) to a different hosting region. Watch this space for more updates.

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