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Ingenico ePayments via Spreedly 

Ingenico is a payment solution that offers comprehensive and seamless payment gateway services to their customers. Chargebee allows you to easily connect with Ingenico to process your payments.


Chargebee integrates with the Ogone platform of Ingenico.

Here are a few things that you need to know before you choose Ingenico:

Countries Supported: Ingenico is available for companies based in Europe. Click here to see if Ingenico is supported in your location.

Payment Methods: Chargebee currently supports only Card payments made by Ingenico.

Integration Options 

Chargebee provides two options to integrate with Ingenico.

Chargebee Checkout and Ingenico Payment Gateway 

The customer's card information is collected by Chargebee's Checkout and passed on to Ingenico. This option will relieve you from taking care of PCI Compliance requirements. All that you will have to do is fill in and submit this Self Assessment Questionnaire to stay compliant.

Chargebee API and Ingenico Payment Gateway 

The customer's card information must be collected at your end and is passed on to Chargebee. Chargebee will then route the card information to Ingenico. PCI compliance requirements must be taken care by you.


  1. Chargebee uses Spreedly, a third party card vault, to store the customer's card information. If you are using Ingenico's service, you will have to migrate your customer's card information to Spreedly to start using Ingenico with Chargebee. Contact [email protected] for more information about the migration process.

  2. To configure Ingenico in Chargebee, you must have a merchant account with Ingenico. If you don't, please create one.

  3. In your Ingenico account, enable Enable Direct Link Submission. This allows you to split and use both Debit and Credit cards. Click to learn more.

  4. Create a new user for API access with the following settings. Click to learn more about this.

    • Special User for API : Enabled
    • Profile : Admin
  5. Select SHA-512 as hash algorithm

  6. Allow-list the following IP address. These IP's will be used to initiate transactions on your behalf. View the complete list of IP's here.


Configuring Ingenico ePayments 

Login to Chargebee Live Site. You can configure Ingenico only in your Live Site.

Step 1: Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateway > Add a Gateway > Ingenico

Step 2: Enter your PSP ID, User ID, Password and SHA Passphrase. Click Connect.

Step 3: You have now configured Ingenico ePayments. However for the integration to work, please complete the prerequisites.

Next, you can configure the Cards setting by clicking the Manage link.

Step 4: The Cards setting will open up as shown below. Select the necessary settings.

  • Card Verification: Chargebee allows you to verify the customer's card before adding them. In this process a small amount will be debited from the customer's card and will be refunded instantly. In case this authorization fails, the customer cannot add their card. If you wish to activate this authorization, enable card verification.
  • Always retain card information in Ingenico ePayments when customer updates it: Enable this option if you are using multiple payment gateways and you want the customer's latest card information to be updated in Ingenico.

Step 5: Click Save.

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