Avoiding Repeat Offer Accepts with Max Redemptions Settings 

One of the common questions we are asked about when customers are starting out their Offer Testing journey with Chargebee Retention is how we prevent users from "abusing offers." The answer to this question lies in our Max Redemptions setting that can be enabled per offer. When enabled, this setting will limit the number of times a user can accept a certain Offer in Chargebee Retention. To configure this setting, open any Offer in Chargebee Retention and go to the "Maximum Redemptions" field.

This field will default to "Unlimited" when a new offer is created. If you select a number between 1-5, we will update this Offer so that it can only be accepted by the user that many times.

Once the limit has been exceeded, we will restrict the Offer from being accepted by the end user. In the case where a user returns to the cancel page after an initial session with the Offer Accept, we will either grey out this offer (if it is Loss Aversion Card) or we will restrict it from being presented all together (if it is a modal offer). If the user hits the back button immediately after taking this offer, we will restrict the Offer from being processed a second time. If you have any questions on how Max Redemptions work in Chargebee Retention, please contact

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