Cancel & Offer Confirmation Page 

Chargebee Retention allows you to present your customers with a confirmation page when they complete a Retention session as a way to confirm that the user has canceled their subscription and/or accepted an offer. This page allows you to present a custom and branded message after a user clicks on a URL button destination that lets them know about the terms of their cancelation or offer and gives them an option to return to their account.

You can manage this page in the Experience Manager under Libraries > Confirmation Pages.

Here you can either edit the Default Page or create a new page.

The editor allows you to configure the various aspect of this page and customize the messaging / buttons as you see fit. Once you have built your page, you can navigate to Experiences > Page Editor > Page Settings and assign the confirmation page to one of your Experiences.

Here you can choose to set the Nevermind and Cancel button destination to either a Cancel confirmation URL, Global URL configuration, or a Confirmation page. When you select Confirmation page you get a list of the pages you have selected to choose from.

This will route the button from this Experience to that Confirmation page. Note, if you are using URL redirects to process cancels, this page is not recommended because the cancel url will have to be moved to the confirmation page button, which could lead to user friction. This page works best if you are billing integrated customer or are processing cancels via webhook or email.

If you have any questions about Cancel confirmation pages, please contact

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