Creating a New Offer 

Offers are Chargebee Retention's secret weapon for saving customers. Offers actively deflect customers from canceling by automatically presenting the right fix, to the right audience, at the right time. Customers that accept an Offer get categorized as Deflected and land on the Watchlist in Reports for 30 days.

Retention AI is available as a beta feature to customers on paid Essentials, Performance, or Enterprise plan. Use AI to easily generate and test high performing offer copy.

When creating a new offer without AI, there are two steps you will need to configure before being launched into the Offer editor to build out your offer. The workflow goes like this:

  • Offer category: Select the category of offer which will determine the required input fields for your offer settings and will be used in reporting/benchmarking.
  • Offer processing option: Select how you will process offers in your billing system.
  • Offer editor: Configure your offer content, button settings, step after accepting offer, and finally place offers in a page.

Offer Category 

Over the course of hundreds of Offer tests, we have established eight categories of Offers that can be presented to a canceling user.

  • Discount: "Claim 35% off for three months"
  • Pause: "Pause Plan for up to three months"
  • Extension: "Extend Trial for two weeks"
  • Plan Change: "Swap from 12 to 8 meals per week"
  • Support & training: "Schedule time with an expert today"
  • Customer feedback: "Tell us where we went wrong"
  • Gifts & credits: "Add a free product to your next order" or "receive a $ credit to your next bill"
  • Cancel / Nevermind: "Include cancel or nevermind button with your content or offer"
  • Multi-offer : "Add multiple buttons with their own offer categories to a single offer modal"
  • Multi-action: "Plan change with discount"

The Offer category you choose will tie directly to the retention strategy you are testing, and we typically recommend that users start with at least two different offer categories when initially testing Retention.

Offer Processing Option 

Once you have selected the type of offer you will be making, you will need to determine how this offer will be processed in billing.

We have four options to process offers:

The direct Billing Integration is typically the easiest as it requires no custom development or manual workflows on your end. Webhooks and URL Redirects are viable options if you have development resources who can help assist with implementing them. Email can be a great option to get started if you don't have access to technical resources. Select the option that is best for you and then proceed into the Offer Editor to finish building out your Offer.

For offer modals with multiple buttons, you can select the offer processing option for each button.

Offer Editor 

Once you have selected an Offer Layout, you will be launched into the Offer Editor to select your design, configure your button settings, set your offer accept step (what happens to the user when they click the button), place offers in experiences, and configure billing (if enabled). These tabs allow you to build out your offer and ultimately deploy it into a Cancel Experience.

View this article for more information on the Offer editor. If you have questions on how to create a new Offer, please contact

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