Creating Offers with Retention AI 

Chargebee Retention helps merchants reduce churn by presenting the right offer to the right customer at the right time. However, crafting the right offer can be a time consuming process and merchants may not know the right offer content to maximize offer performance.

With Retention AI, creating an offer is now easier than ever. Generate and test high performing offer content in under a minute. This feature is available to all Chargebee Retention customers, except for customers using the multi-brand feature. Support for multi-brand customers will be coming soon.

Create new offers with AI 

To get started with creating offers with AI, click the "New offer with Retention AI" button.

Verify the company details you provided when setting up your Chargebee Retention account. Please ensure this information is accurate. This information will be used by the AI model to generate relevant offer copy and for reporting such as the industry benchmark dashboard report.

Enter a description for the target audience for your offer. While this is an optional step, we recommend you provide a detailed description of your customer segment to tailor your offer copy. Example: "Customers on the annual Standard plan." See the Best practices for copy generation for more details and examples for the audience field.

Next, select your offer category. Retention AI can generate offer copy for discount, pause, extension, plan change, and multi-action (plan change + discount) offers.

Provide more details about the offer.

  • Offer details: For example for plan change offer category, you can further specify the type of plan change and the name of the new plan
    • Discount: % or $, discount amount
    • Pause: Duration or number of billing cycles
    • Extension: Extension type (renewal, trial), duration
    • Plan change: Plan change type (upgrade, downgrade, swap products), plan name
    • Multi-action: Configure the discount and plan change to apply when accepting offer
  • Tone: Select up to 2 tones for your offer copy
  • Language: Select from English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, and Swedish
  • Additional details: As an optional step, provide additional instructions to the AI for the generated offer copy. Example: "Apply discount one time at the next renewal." See the Best practices for copy generation for more details and examples for the additional details field.

Click "Generate results" to review the recommended offer copy. We will send information about your company, target customer, and offer to a Large Language Model (LLM). Please expect a short processing period for the LLM to generate offer copy based on the details provided.

We will display 3 recommendations generated by AI. Select any of the recommendations to preview the offer copy on the right side of the screen.

Click "Generate more" to view more offer copy recommendations from AI. You can view the last 9 results generated from AI. Select Offer Settings button when ready to review additional offer settings before deploying the offer.

After generating offer copy, review options related to offer presentation, offer processing, customer experience after selecting the button, and placing the offer on a cancel page.

  • Design > Layout: Change the layout of the offer modal
  • Button > Settings: Review how you want to process the offer (e.g. via billing integration, URL, email, or webhook)
  • Button > Accept step: Configure what your customer sees after they click the button to accept the offer
  • Offer settings > Card: Configure restrictions on how many times your customers can accept the offer
  • Offer settings > Placement: Present your offer to customers by adding the offer to a cancel page

Please refer to Editing an offer for more details on the above offer settings. From the offer settings page, you can also re-enter the Retention AI flow to generate more offer copy recommendations. Click "Done" to complete the offer setup.

Update existing offers with AI 

Looking to improve performance for existing offers? Use Retention AI to optimize offer copy for existing offers. Select an existing offer and click "Generate with Retention AI" to generate targeted offer copy with AI.

Best practices for copy generation 

The Retention AI experience allows you to supply additional details when generating offer copy. This information will be used to tailor the offer copy to your customers. Here are best practices to develop the most personalized offer copy.

Audience description 

Help AI generate targeted offers by describing the target audience for the offer.


  • Plan type: "Customers on the annual Standard plan"
  • Tenure: "Customers who have received 6 or more shipments" or "Customers who have subscribed for longer than 1 year"
  • Behavior / usage: "Hyper growth customers who will benefit from advanced features on higher tier plan"
  • Cancel reason: "Customers who have not had time to explore the product"

Additional details 

You can use this section to provide more specific instructions when generating the offer copy and refining the results from AI.


  • "Apply discount for the next 3 months"
  • "Make the body text more concise"
  • "Do not use the word XYZ"

If you have questions on how to create a new offer with AI, please contact

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