Filtering Reports by Audience or Experience 

Chargebee Retention allows you to build dynamic Cancel Experiences to deflect and save canceling customers via targeted offer test and personalized cancel pages. Chargebee Retention's reports also allow you to slice and dice your data by the various Audiences and Experiences that you have defined in your Targeting Tab over time.

This filter applies to all of your in-app Chargebee Retention Reports and lets you filter by both Audiences and Experiences.

If you switch to Experiences, you will be presented a list of all the pages that you have ever had traffic to in Chargebee Retention.

Depending upon the date range selected, you may or may not have traffic for a given page. If you select a page and there is no traffic for the current window, try a different date range and you will see data if you select the right date window.

When you are under the Audience view and select an Audience, by default every page within that Audience is also selected. You can deselect individual pages by expanding the view to add or remove them.

This allows you to view performance of specific pages or sets of pages within and across various audiences. With this level of filtering you can answer any major question you may have about your Chargebee Retention performance by Audiences and Experiences. If you have questions on how to use these filters or need help setting up your targeting, please contact

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