Final Offer Layout & Action 

The final offer layout in Chargebee Retention lets you present an offer after a user selects the cancel button in your cancel experience. This gives you one last chance to save a canceling user with your strongest offer.

This layout can only be placed in the final offer placement, and must always contain a Cancel Action along with whatever offer action is in the primary CTA. When the cancel action is selected, the user will be canceled and redirected to the Cancel Confirmation URL.

To configure a final offer, go to your Offer Library and select the "New Offer" button. Select the Goal you want for this offer (Pauses tend to work well here or discounted Plan Changes) and then select the "Final offer" layout from the list of options.

Finally select the action type you would like to use for the primary CTA and then you will be launched into the offer editor to begin configuring your final offer. If you have any questions, please contact

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