Multi-action offer 

The multi-action offer type helps you create an offer where you can combine two different offer types into a single offer and make it a more compelling offer to accept for your subscribers. For e.g. Let's say that you want your monthly subscribers to upgrade to an annual plan as this can help to positively impact your subscriber lifetime value. In order to sweeten the deal further, you may choose to combine the plan change offer with a discount offer using multi-action offer type and improve your offer acceptance rate in the process.

To create a Multi-action Offer, start by navigating to the Offer Library and selecting "New Offer". Choose the Offer type as Multi-action.

You will be provided with an option to choose how you would like to process the offer. Let's say you choose to select Billing Integration as an option here.

A familiar looking screen will open up for you, with the offer preview in the right and the offer configuration pane in the left.

Click on the offer Settings option in the offer configuration pane on the left hand side. You will be taken to a section that will let you configure the two actions (Discount + Plan Change) for your offer.

Once you are done updating the settings for your offer, press done to save the offer settings and then publish the offer. The newly created offer will be shown within the offer list page for your reference.

You may now place the offer within your cancellation experience and start deflecting customers. Please note that the discount is only applied to your subscriber's invoice the next time charges are raised in your billing system. So while the coupon may be applied immediately to the subscription, there may still be no changes to the current term invoice if the plan changes are scheduled to happen at term end.

Note: This feature is currently only available on request. . Please write to if you would like to enable this feature for your retention application.

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