Multi-CTA Offer Layout 

The Multi-CTA Offer Layout lets you present multiple options for a canceling user to select from in a single offer. There are a few use cases where this makes sense:

  • Present a user with multiple pause duration options (1,2,3 months for example)
  • Present a user with different plan options to choose from (5 meals, 10 meals, 15 meals)
  • Present a user with the option to view content or contact CX

To create a Mult-CTA Offer, start by navigating to the Offer Library and selecting "New Offer". Choose the Offer Goal you would like to create a Multi-CTA Offer for and then select from the two Multi-CTA Layouts available.

Next, you will be presented with the Multi-CTA Action selection, which lets you choose up to three CTA's to place in the Offer and lets you select which Action Types each CTA will have.

From there you will be launched into the Offer Editor which will let you configure your Multi-CTA Offer. If you need help getting this setup, please contact

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