Pulse Dashboard Report 

We have added a new Pulse widget at the top of the dashboard to view key Retention metrics in one place and quickly track performance compared to the prior period.

Experience Metrics

The top portion of the widget displays the number of live pages configured in the targeting rules and offers placed on the live pages. The offers total includes offer and loss aversion cards. Click on the arrows to go to the Experiences tab to manage your pages and offers.

Performance Metrics

The bottom portion of the widget displays four metrics based on the selected date filter in the widget:

  • Total sessions
  • Retained revenue - If retained revenue reporting is not enabled, then Save revenue will be displayed.
  • Deflect rate
  • Watchlist revenue and customer count

You can view the metrics for last 7 days, last 30 days, last 60 days, last 90 days, month to date, quarter to date, or year to date. This date filter applies only to the four metrics within the widget and does not impact the other dashboard reports below the widget, Insights reports, and Customers reports.

Note, if revenue reporting is not enabled, saves and watchlist will be display as a customer count. You can also view the performance of the metric compared against the prior 7 day / 30 day / 60 day / 90 day period depending on the selected date filter.

You may notice that some metrics in the Pulse widget do not match the metrics shown in other areas of the dashboard. This is intentional to show the direct impact of Retention over the selected time period.

  • Retained revenue: Pulse includes all repurchases that occurred in the timeframe from all cohorts. This total will be higher compared to the Retained Revenue widget which uses sessions that started within the timeframe (the repurchase event may occur after this timeframe).
  • Saves: Saves in the Pulse and Saves widgets are based on save events occurring within the timeframe. Saves in the deflection funnel are based on sessions that started within the timeframe.

If you have any questions on the Pulse dashboard report, please contact

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