Setting up Cancel Management at the Page Level 

In Chargebee Retention you have the option to configure Cancel Management at the Page or App level.

This feature allows our Chargebee Billing, Stripe Billing and Recurly customers to process their cancels directly via the billing system API. However, many customers do not want all of their customers to be able to automatically cancel. They may want to have certain audiences go to a page that has a manual cancelation process or an email based cancelation process instead of automatically updating the subscription via the Billing system API. If this is the case, you will want to set this setting to be at the "Page-level" instead of the "app-level.

When you have saved this setting, you then can go to the Settings Tab in the Page editor to configure how that individual page will have Cancelations applied.

Here you will see a "Billing Configurations" option which allows you to configure how that page process the Cancelation Request. You can choose to Process via Billing API, and will be presented with all the configurations you use to have at the app level for this individual page. Or you can choose to "Override Billing API" which will disable the API for this page and fall back to whatever method of canceling the subscription you previously had (email, url redirect, or webhook).

These changes will be published as soon as you hit Publish, so be sure you have selected everything correctly before doing so. %%% cbext

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