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Become an industry leader in customer retention

Reduce churn and boost growth by using Chargebee's integrated tech stack to actively monitor and leverage LTV metrics for retaining high-value customers.

A cancel experience as sophisticated as you are

Improve customer retention performance

with Chargebee’s ML-optimized offers and provide a cancel experience so good that customers won’t quit.

Test and target offers

based on customer and subscription attributes from the Chargebee product suite and uncover the data you need to reduce churn.

Be up and running

in a matter of days, not months. With no-code or API integrations, remove development dependencies and quickly address voluntary churn.

Automate workflows

to manage customer activity in Chargebee depending on how customers interact with the cancellation experience.

Retained Revenue Report

Go beyond the cancel event, and gain full lifecycle insights

Chargebee Retention helps businesses discover the total revenue impact of their customer retention efforts with Retained Revenue Reporting. Capture all future downstream repurchases attributed after the initial cancel attempt. Track the revenue impact over time to optimize performance to get the most bang per buck out of your retention efforts. 

Retained Revenue Cohort Report

Congrats, you saved a customer from canceling. Now what?

Generate cohorts based on the cancel event and report on saved revenue throughout the lifecycle. With Retained Revenue Cohort Report, harness this insightful metric to track downstream revenue impact for each cohort over time and continuously optimize customer retention performance.

Bypass and Lift

Maximisez votre potentiel de rétention avec des indicateurs de référence

Si vous utilisez déjà Chargebee Billing, vous pouvez utiliser la fonction de création de rapport Bypass and Lift pour réaliser des A/B tests et comparer les niveaux de rétention de revenus entre votre flux de résiliation interne et Chargebee Retention. Mesurez l’augmentation de la rétention incrémentale de l’ARR et le taux par session pour mieux planifier vos initiatives de rétention.

Cancel Experiences

Augment the cancellation experience by syncing and enriching customer data

Harness the power of machine learning to retain your customers by providing an experience with personalized messaging, offers, and surveys. Gain insights into why customers are canceling, how they interact with offers, and how likely they are to win back.

Smart Offers

Your offer, your way

Chargebee Retention simplifies offer creation, giving you complete control to design and define layout, button settings, offer accept state, and card settings. Deploy and test offer experiments quickly, and use Smart Offers to showcase the best offer based on customer-specific retained revenue potential.

Targeting and Audiences

Enrich customer retention using growth principles

Improve audience cancel experiences and targeting with Chargebee's Billing and Retention suite. Optimize the correlation between customer pain points, offer acceptance, and repurchase activity using various data attributes.