Does your billing system work
exactly as you intend it to?

Testing a future action is almost impossible. We faced this issue too. So we fixed it.

The Subscription Time Machine lets you instantly test and visualize scheduled subscription behavior

Say you want to bill your customers on the
9th of every month, irrespective of when they sign up. Worried about double invoicing or proration? Test your configuration in seconds.

Select your billing date

Pick a date when you want to bill your customers, and configure your proration rules.

Create subscriptions and simulate

Create subscriptions across different states, different dates, different customers.

Run the Subscription Time Machine

Move the Subscription Time Machine to a future date,
sit back, and relax.

Observe the changes

Watch subscription and invoice changes unravel themselves, as the Subscription Time Machine works its magic

What can you do with the Subscription Time Machine?

  • Test billing integration code with Chargebee's APIs and webhooks.
  • Simulate simple as well as complex billing rules across your subscription lifecycle.
  • Train your team on how Chargebee works to handle your billing and subscriptions.

Test more scenarios with the
Subscription Time Machine:

  • Changes in Subscription State
    Trials to Activations, Renewals to Cancellations, you can test if subscription states change correctly over time.
  • Configurable Billing and Proration Rules
    Evaluate billing configurations, subscription alignment, charges and proration, invoice generation, and more.
  • Dunning Management
    Assess timely payment retries and contextual retry emails, for every failed attempt to charge a card.
  • Invoice and Credit Actions
    Is the right invoice generated at the right time? Check if the invoice state changes correctly during various events.
It was great for development and testing aspects such as trial ending and charges declined, how the invoice looks during different times, what happens when customers are no longer eligible for free trials, etc., to verify that it was doing as expected.

Your billing component should not embarrass you. It should work.
Under any circumstance. At any time.

Get into the DeLorean and give our Subscription Time Machine a spin