Fight Subscription Churn with Chargebee's Churn Management Suite


Curb revenue churn and retain valuable customers with the right proactive strategies — and Chargebee's help, of course.

There's some churn that's unavoidable. For everything else, there's Chargebee.

There are a variety of reasons for churn. Sometimes, it's voluntary churn due to customer dissatisfaction with your service. Or maybe you have too many disengaged users.

Other times, it's caused by involuntary churn, like credit card expiration, payment gateway issues, or a lack of payment options.

Whatever the reason, you shouldn't let it get in the way of customer retention.

Convert. Retain. Upgrade. Recover. With zero lines of code.

Retain Profitable Customers with Chargebee's end-to-end Customer Churn Management Solution

Eliminate involuntary churn...

Reduce payment-related churn with Chargebee's Dunning Management and Revenue Recovery Suite.

  • Intelligent payment retries
  • Contextual email notifications
  • Backup payment methods

Boost retention with cancellation alternatives

Allow customers to temporarily pause their subscriptions and reactivate when they're ready. Proactively drive subscription extensions and reactivations.

  • Pause subscriptions
  • Extend subscriptions
  • Reactivate subscriptions
Zenchef recovered 60% of formerly unpaid accounts with Chargebee's Smart Dunning.
Offer flexible payment options...

"Never follow up before it's due. Never forget to follow up when it's due". Don't let late payments, long approval cycles and unpaid invoices come in the way of improving your collections.

  • Advance Invoices
  • Net D Payment Terms
  • One-click 'Pay Now'

Get 360° visibility into churn rates

Chargebee's homegrown subscription analytics tool RevenueStory offers a deeper view into your subscription churn. With 20 KPIs+ reports, a churn-watch dashboard, and more, you can learn how to reduce your customer attrition rate.

  • Churn breakdown reports
  • Retention cohorts
  • Churn metrics
Subscriptions at Scale. Globally. With Chargebee