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Apple Pay via Adyen 

Apple Pay via Adyen for Chargebee is currently released as a beta version. Contact [email protected]  to enable for your Test and Live site.

The growth of smartphones and penetration of mobile internet services have led to a widespread impact on how customers choose to pay. The ease of transaction for customers coupled with lower or elimination of service fees for merchants contributes to making digital wallets the popular choice.

Apple Pay, a digital wallet is designed to allow its patrons to conduct contactless and secure transactions with the use of their varied products such as iPhone, iPad, etc and so on. Adyen, a leading single payments platform to accept payments anywhere, on any device now supports Apple Pay. Click here  for more information.

You can now configure your Chargebee site to accept Apple Pay with your Adyen Account.


The following prerequisites must be met prior to enabling Apple Pay on their site.

  • Merchants must review the domain  with Adyen for the sandbox environment. The domains are automatically registered for the production site. Read more about here .
  • Adyen has a generic payment method called Apple Pay and scheme based payment methods like Apple Pay_Visa, Apple Pay_Mastercard etc. Hence, both generic payment method and scheme based payment methods must be enabled.
  • Apple Pay via Adyen is supported by API only. Support for Chargebee's Hosted Pages is currently unavailable.
  • Apple Pay via other payment gateways such as Braintree or Stripe must be disabled manually.

Configure Apple Pay via Adyen 

Follow the steps below to configure your Chargebee account to accept Apple Pay via Adyen.

  1. Configure your Adyen Payment Gateway. If already configured, move to the next step.

  2. Once configured, access the Settings page. Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateway > Adyen

  3. Click enable Apple Pay to allow customers to pay using Apple Pay.

  4. Select the country or the region where the payment will be processed from the Merchant Country Code drop-down list and click Save.

  5. Configure your Smart Routing settings to enable Adyen as the preferred gateway for Apple Pay.
    Note: The domain validation requirements of Apple Pay restricts you to configure only one payment gateway that can actively support Apple Pay. Hence, the option to enable Apple Pay via other payment gateways such as Stripe or Braintree will be disabled.

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