Preview your Page and Manage Branding 

Core to the Chargebee Retention Experience Manager editing experience is the ability to quickly preview your page and make edits to your branding. The Branding Page under the Experience tab allows you to do just this.

This page serves as a preview of your Cancel Experience and allows you to edit the look and feel of your Chargebee Retention Page by selecting "edit Branding". You can edit the offers, reasons, and other elements of this page just like any other page, from the Pages tab in the Experience Manager.

The Branding page also serves as the Default page that is copied when you create a new Test Page in Chargebee Retention.

When you select this button on either the Dashboard or Pages tab, you will be prompted to create a copy of your Default page. Once you do so, you can go on to add different Offers to this page to set up a random offer test.

If you would like to switch the page that is selected as your Default page, please reach out to and we will take care of this for you.

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