iDEAL via Mollie 

iDEAL is a Netherlands-based payment method that allows customers to complete transactions online using their credentials. It is the most preferred online payment method in the Netherlands with a share of annual online transactions close to 55%.

In this document, we are going to learn about configuring Mollie iDEAL. Chargebee allows you to configure and process iDeal payments with Mollie seamlessly. This enhances your business opportunity in the Netherlands.

To configure Mollie iDEAL, you must have an account with Mollie and should have configured Mollie SEPA. This is because Mollie iDEAL is generally used to make one-time payments. In a subscription business, you will be charging your customers on a recurring basis. Therefore Chargebee handles recurring scenarios by converting all the recurring transactions after the first payment as Direct Debit SEPA payments.

Configuring iDEAL via Mollie 

Follow the steps below to configure your Chargebee site to accept iDEAL payment via Mollie

  1. Configure the Mollie gateway for your Chargebee site.

  2. Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateway > Mollie

  3. Select to enable Direct Debit via SEPA if not already enabled.

  4. Select to enable iDEAL (Recurring via SEPA Direct Debit).

  5. Click Apply to save your changes.

  6. Configure your Smart Routing to set up the preferred gateway for Direct Debit Payments is Mollie.

Your Chargebee site is now ready to accept iDEAL payments via Mollie.

Recurring Payments 

Mollie iDEAL can be used to make the payment only once. Chargebee handles recurring scenarios by converting iDeal payment method to the Direct Debit SEPA payment method. The first payment will happen via iDeal and all future recurring payments will happen via Direct Debit SEPA. Therefore, it is important that you inform your customers about how recurring payments are processed.

  • It is mandatory to enable Direct Debit via SEPA prior to enabling iDEAL payments via Mollie.
  • You cannot disable Direct Debit SEPA while iDEAL payments are accepted via Mollie.

Checkout Workflow 

The steps below highlight the customer experience while using Chargebee's checkout to make payments via iDEAL.

  1. During Checkout, the selects iDEAL as the payment method.

  2. The customer selects the applicable bank from the drop-down list and clicks Next.

  3. Customer can review the details of the order and click Pay and subscribe.

  4. After the payment is made they are redirected to Chargebee's confirmation screen. A subscription is created and all future renewals will be charged using SEPA Direct Debit.

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