BlueSnap Direct Integration 

BlueSnap is an online payment solution for eCommerce, B2B and SaaS companies, specializing in global payment processing and payment gateway solutions. Chargebee seamlessly integrates with BlueSnap and allows you to start accepting card payments immediately. Check out the Supported Currencies section to learn about the currencies supported by them. Click here to find out the countries supported by them.

If you are currently using BlueSnap via Spreedly, you must enable BlueSnap Direct Integration for your Chargebee site prior to migration.

Due to recent world events, you may experience failures for payments originating from Russian financial institutions or instruments. We recommend reviewing guidelines issued by respective payment gateways for additional information.

Supported Payment Methods 

Click on the links below learn more about configuring the desired payment method:

  1. Cards
  2. Direct Debit (SEPA)
  3. ACH Payments
  4. Google Pay

Types of Accounts 

BlueSnap has two types of accounts - Sandbox and Live account. You can integrate the Sandbox of BlueSnap with the test site of Chargebee and the live Account of BlueSnap with the live site of Chargebee.

Integration Options 

Listed below are the integration options available between Chargebee and BlueSnap

# Methodology Description PCI Requirements 3DS supported?
1 Chargebee API + BlueSnap Gateway In this method, collecting card information should be handled at your end and passed on to Chargebee via the API. Chargebee will route this card information directly to BlueSnap. High
(card information will be collected by you directly, you will have to take care of PCI Compliance requirements)

For more info, contact support
2 Chargebee Checkout + BlueSnap Gateway In this method, the card information of the customers are collected by Chargebee's checkout and directly passed on to BlueSnap. Low
(Your PCI compliance requirements are greatly reduced because of Chargebee's checkout. As a merchant using Chargebee's checkout, all you have to do is submit a Self Assessment Questionnaire to stay compliant.)
3. Bluesnap JS + Chargebee API + Bluesnap gateway
In this method, the card details are captured and tokenized on your side by BlueSnap's javascript library and the token is sent to Chargebee. Low
(card details are tokenized by BlueSnap)
4. Chargebee JS + Chargebee API
In this method, collecting card information has to be handled at your end and finally passed on to Chargebee. Low Yes


In order to configure BlueSnap you will need the username, password, client side encryption key and data protection key.

To configure the data protection key, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to BlueSnap.
  2. Click Payment Methods from the left navigation bar.
  3. Enter a data protection key.
  4. Click Submit. (Click the GIF for a full-screen view.)

To get your username, password and client side encryption key, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to BlueSnap.
  2. Click Settings > API Settings.
  3. Request for API Credentials by setting a new password and click Request for API Credentials.
  4. You will now be able to view the username, password, and client side encryption key. (Click the GIF for a full-screen view.)

Configuring BlueSnap 

To configure BlueSnap in Chargebee, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateway > Add payment Gateway.

  2. Click BlueSnap.

  3. Enter the username, password, client side encryption key and data protection key.

  4. Click Connect.

Configuring Card Settings 

To change the Cards Setting, click the Manage link. The Cards Settings page is displayed.

  • Allow Prepaid cards: Enabling this option allows your customers to use a prepaid card for their transactions.
  • Always retain card information in BlueSnap when customer updates it: Enabling this option stores the updated card information in BlueSnap rather than the default gateway.
  • Enable 3D Secure: Enable this option to authenticate payments made via card (Debit or Credit) using 3D Secure.

Once you have enabled the necessary settings, click Save.

Configuring Webhooks 

Webhooks are indispensable when it comes to integrating Chargebee with BlueSnap as they pass crucial payment information such as payment status, based on which users can take action. Webhooks in this integration should be configured manually. Learn more about webhooks.

To configure webhook in your BlueSnap account, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your BlueSnap account.

  2. Click SettingsIPN Settings.

  3. Select the Receive Instant Payment Notifications checkbox.

  4. Copy the Notification URL from Chargebee and paste it in IPN URL(s) section.

  5. Click Select IPNs.

  6. Select the Send Account Updater checkbox.

  7. Click Submit.

Currencies Supported 

BlueSnap and Chargebee support 100+ different currencies for charging customers across different geographical locations. If you intend to use BlueSnap+Chargebee for your business, ensure that your transactional currencies are supported by both. Find the complete list of currencies supported by:

Our direct integration does not need you to whitelist any IP addresses. Make sure you enable Disable IP Checking in your BlueSnap account under Settings > API Settings.

Additional Fields for Fraud Screening 

Bluesnap, a trusted payment gateway provider, understands the critical need for robust fraud screening and efficient payment approval processes. Bluesnap recommends sending specific information or fields about payers to enhance these measures. By collecting this valuable data, you can bolster your defences against fraudulent transactions and streamline the payment approval process, ensuring a safer and smoother experience for businesses and customers.

The fields include:

  • firstName
  • lastName
  • email
  • phone
  • addressLine1
  • addressLine2
  • addressLine3
  • city
  • state
  • stateCode
  • countryCode
  • zip

Lets us see how you can enable and send these fields when using Chargebee's Hosted Pages , Chargebee JS , or BlueSnap JS:

Using Chargebee Hosted Pages 

Follow the steps below to enable these fields when using Chargebee's Hosted Pages:

  1. Go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and Self-Serve Portal.

  2. Switch to the Fields tab and select Payments.

  3. You must enable the above-listed fields. Click Publish. Address fields will appear only if None is selected from the In checkout, prefill address information from drop-down menu.

  4. Choose to prefill address-related information from Billing or Shipping details by selecting the relevant option under the In checkout, prefill address information from drop-down menu.

Using Chargebee JS 

Chargebee JS provides a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities that allow you to harness the capabilities of BlueSnap within your billing and subscription management workflows.

If you are utilizing Chargebee JS, it is recommended to pass these fields as parameters via appropriate handler methods based on your chosen payment method. The following payment method handlers are supported via Chargebee JS:

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