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In app Self Serve Portal 

Chargebee provides a seamless and efficient self-serve portal for your customers to manage their account information. Your customers can add, edit, pause, cancel subscriptions, download previous invoices, manage payment methods and their shipping/billing address using this self serve portal.


This documentation is applicable only for users who are using Chargebee Checkout in their Live Site. If you are using Checkout via hosted pages, refer to this help page.

Users signing up to Chargebee after February 06, 2018 will have Chargebee Checkout enabled by default.

Enabling Self Serve Portal 

For the self serve portal to be visible for the customers, it must be enabled first.

  • Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and Self Serve Portal > Portal.
  • Select Enable.

Configuring Settings 

As a merchant, you can choose what your customers must see in the self serve portal. You can access the portal settings by selecting Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout and Self Serve Portal > Portal

Given below are the options that can be configured in Chargebee's Self-Serve portal:

  • Customers can access the self-serve portal: There are two options by which customers can access the self-serve portal.

    • Via Chargebee Login: This is the default portal built by Chargebee. Your customers can login to their portal by entering the email ID and a one time password sent via email.

    • Using single sign on API: Integrating portal via API allows you to reuse your app's authentication to open the self-serve portal. This improves your end user experience as they do not need to sign in again. Refer to this help document to learn more.

  • Allow customers to download invoices: Selecting this option allows customers to download previous invoices.

  • Allow customers to change subscription: When you enable this option, customers can directly change their subscription from their self serve portal. Learn about ‘Change Subscription'. On enabling this option you can choose to control the behaviour of the change. You can do the following:

  • Choose the statuses in which the subscriptions can be changed

  • Choose when to apply the subscription changes - Immediately/At the end of term.

  • Allow customers to change plans.

  • Allow customers to change plan quantity.

  • Allow customers to add addons. Learn more .

  • Allow customers to remove addons.

  • Allow customers to change addon quantity.

  • Allow customers to add/remove coupons.

  • Allow customers to cancel subscription: Enabling this option will allow customers to cancel their subscription from the self serve portal. On enabling this option, you must choose:

  • When the subscription will get cancelled - Immediately/At the end of the term/Allow customers to choose

  • When you select Allow Customers to choose, you can also specify when customers can cancel their subscriptions - Immediately/At the end of term/On a specific date. By choosing "On a specific date", you can allow your customers to schedule the subscription cancellation for a particular date within the subscription period.

  • Whether customers can provide feedback while cancelling.

  • Allow customers to reactivate cancelled subscriptions: Enabling this option will allow customers to reactivate their subscription from their self serve portal. Learn more about reactivation.

  • Allow customers to remove scheduled changes: Enabling this will allow your customers to cancel any changes that they have scheduled such as a subscription pause.

  • Allow customers to remove scheduled cancellation: Enabling this will allow your customers to remove any susbcription cancellations that have been scheduled.

  • Allow customers to remove their primary payment method: Enabling this will allow customers to remove their primary payment method from the self serve portal.

  • Allow customers to pause subscriptions: Enabling this option will allow your customers to pause their subscriptions from the self serve portal. Please note that for this to work, you must have first enabled pause subscription for your site. Learn about Pausing Subscriptions.

  • Subscriptions will be paused: You can choose to either pause the subscription at the end of the term or immediately.

  • How long will subscriptions be paused: Available options are

    • Indefinitely: The subscription will be paused indefinitely until the customer resumes it.
    • Set a period: Your subscription will be paused for the set number of days. You can pause a subscription for a maximum of 90 days.

Advanced Settings 

Chargebee also allows you to configure certain advanced settings to make work easier for you and your customers. You can find these settings under Settings > Configure Chargebee > Advanced Settings

This Setting is common to Checkout and Self Serve Portal.

In this section, you will be able to:

  • Autocomplete Addresses
  • Enable Google Recaptcha for payment methods
  • Allow customers to add multiple payment methods
  • Skip order cart during checkout
  • Keep coupon box open
  • Customize plan/addon quantity based on meta configuration
  • Collect PO number from customers
  • Use browser locale if customer locale is not specified
  • Add domains
  • Track abandoned carts
  • Allow customers to log in to the checkout and Self-Serve Portal using OTP or Password

Learn more.

Disabling the Self Serve Portal 

You can disable the self serve portal by clicking the Disable button. If you disable this option, your customers can no longer access the self-serve portal.

Previewing the Self Serve Portal 

You can view the preview of the self serve portal by clicking the Preview Checkout/Portal link in the Checkout and Self Serve Portal page.

3DS Support for Self Serve Portal 

Chargebee's In-app Customer Portal supports 3DS transactions. All you need to do is complete our SCA checklist, which facilitates us to start handling 3DS transactions via In-app Customer Portal.

Since no payment is involved during portal actions such as Update Payment Method and Add Payment Method, we will trigger a minimum amount 3DS authorization during those operations. The amount deducted for authorization would be voided automatically.

If there is any immediate charge involved during actions such as Change Subscription and Resume Subscription, 3DS verification will be triggered accordingly.


1. How can I setup Plan/Addon quantity restrictions in Chargebee's Self-Serve Portal?

Plan-Addon quantity restrictions can be setup in Chargebee's Self-Serve Portal via json metadata. Here are a few samples:

  1. Setup quantity based increments, in this case, the interval is set as 10, and the min qty is 10 and max qty is 100

    { "quantity_meta": {
            "type": "range",
            "min": 10,
            "max": 100,
            "step": 10
    } }
  2. Show specific quantity to be displayed

    {"quantity_meta": {
            "type": "fixed",
            "values": [5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]
    } }

2. Can gift subscriptions be viewed in the Self-serve Portal?

Yes, gift subscriptions are also included in the Portal. You can see a glimpse of that in this section.

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