Hosted Checkout 

Chargebee's hosted checkout collects your customer's account and billing details and helps complete the order by processing the payment.

With Chargebee's hosted checkout, the customers are redirected to a secure payment page hosted by Chargebee to complete payment for the product or service. These pages adhere to security and compliance standards such as PCI  and GDPR . The checkout page is customizable, allowing you to brand the page with your logos and colors. Chargebee's hosted checkout supports various payment options, including bank-based payments, direct debit, and wallets.

Chargebee's hosted checkout also integrates with other tools and features offered by the platform, such as customer management, invoicing, and tax calculation. The integration allows you to easily manage subscriptions and payments and track customer data and analytics. Hosted checkout is your one-stop destination with custom fields, default language translation, smart routing, analytics, and more.

Checkout Process 

Here is what happens in Chargebee when a customer clicks the Checkout/Subscribe button.

UI Layout Options 

Chargebee currently offers the following layouts that you can choose from based on your look and feel preferences:

  1. In-app layout
  2. Full-page layout

Early Access:
The Full page checkout feature is currently in early access and is available for latest product catalog version. Consider upgrading to the latest product catalog version. Learn more.

In-App Checkout 

In-app is a simple, elegant, and intuitive modal-based checkout. On clicking the Subscribe/Checkout button, the Checkout modal opens, where your customers can enter their account and payment details. You can configure your brand elements, fields, display charges, taxes, a thank you message, and multiple workflows to suit your business needs. The in-app layout is optimized for mobile devices and elegantly handles the customer journey for your checkout funnel.

Here is a sample of the In-app Checkout.

Full-Page Checkout 


The Full Page Checkout is available only in the 2.0 version of the Product Catalog.

The full-page layout of Chargebee hosted checkout is a standalone checkout experience for your customers which can be customizable similar to your website and can let your customers do checkout in a single step.

Here is a sample of the full-page Checkout.

Switching Layouts 

You can select the preferred layout for your customers via the Chargebee app by following these steps:

  1. Login to your Chargebee site.

  2. Go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Checkout & Self-Serve Portal.

  3. The two layouts are displayed on the Layout page for you to select one. If you are enabling Full Page Checkout for the first time, click Explore.

  4. A window appears with the top features of Full Page Checkout listed. Click Use Layout to enable Full Page Checkout.

Repeat the same to switch to the in-app checkout (if required).


Hosted Checkout covers various workflows while managing your subscription businesses as part of this solution.

Let us see an example:

Let's say your SaaS business have the below plans:

  • Monthly basic subscription plans.
  • Monthly advanced subscription plans.
  • One-time purchases such as a one-time charge for setting up support.
  • Gifting options for your customers.
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