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Chargebee offers you the flexibility to configure various payment methods to best suit your business model, your country of incorporation and your customer base.

The following payment methods can be offered in Chargebee.


Using this method, you can accept payments via credit cards. To use this payment method you should have an integration with a payment gateway (such as Stripe,Braintree) supported by Chargebee and a merchant account in place. Click here to learn how Chargebee works with your payment gateway and merchant account to process online payments.

Pay with PayPal 

You can also offer your customers an option to pay using their PayPal accounts. This option would be ideal for you if you have a global consumer base and customers are from across the world. To use this payment option, your users require a PayPal buyer account and you as a merchant should have a PayPal Business account. Read more on configuring PayPal Express Checkout with Chargebee.

Apart from PayPal Express Checkout, Chargebee also supports other PayPal payment services like PayPal Payflow Pro and PayPal Payments Pro. These are payment gateways that allow users to pay via their card directly. More on the other PayPal payment services here.

Amazon Payments 

"Pay with Amazon" is an alternate payment method you can offer your customers. For this they would require an Amazon Buyer account and you as a merchant should have an Amazon Buyer account. Read more on configuring Amazon Payments with Chargebee.

Direct debit Payments 

If you are a merchant based in the US, UK or Europe, you can also accept payments via Bank Transfers. Direct debit payments are processed by the ACH network in the US, by the Bans network in the UK, SEPA in the Eurozone and the AutoGiro network in Sweden. Chargebee supports ACH payments on both Stripe and Authorize.Net. The other networks are supported on GoCardless. Check out the direct debit payments overview for more information on these payments.

Offline Payments 

You can use this payment method if you accept payments via Cash, Checks, Bank transfers or ACH payments. When you use this method, after receiving the payments you will have to manually record them in Chargebee. Read more on Offline Payments here.