Apple Pay via Stripe 


Stripe users can now accept payments via Apple Pay for physical & digital goods, donations, subscriptions, and more.

Apple Pay is compatible with almost all of Stripe's features and products. Stripe does not charge any additional fees to process Apple Pay payments. Learn more  

Read more about setting up Apple Pay  .

  • You can checkout with Apple Pay only using Safari in MacOS and iOS devices. Here's  the complete list.
  • Merchants using Stripe can accept Apple Pay from customers in the countries mentioned here  . Please reach out to Stripe to know if Apple Pay is supported for your region.
  • Only Apple Pay on the web is available
  • Apple Pay is supported only if you open checkout in a new tab in your browser and not as a pop up.
  • Apple pay is not supported for the Rhapsody theme of legacy hosted pages.

Via Chargebee API 

Click here  to know more about processing payments using Apple Pay via Chargebee API.

Via Hosted Pages 

Configure your Stripe Payment Gateway. If already configured, move to the next step.

Follow the steps below to configure your Chargebee account to accept Apple Pay payments via Stripe.

  1. Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Payment Gateway > Stripe.

  2. Enable the Apple Pay toggle button to allow customers to pay using Apple Pay.
    Note:Once enabled, Chargebee will register the site or domain name in your Stripe account automatically.

  3. Customize the contents shown in the Apple Pay Payment sheet  which is similar to an invoice with details about your card, billing, shipping information, discounts and taxes.

  4. Configure Smart Routing  settings to enable Stripe as the preferred gateway for Apple Pay.
    Note: The domain validation requirements of Apple Pay restricts the configuration to only one payment gateway that can actively support Apple Pay at a time. Hence, the option to enable Apple Pay via other payment gateways such as Adyen or Braintree must be disabled.

Business Name

Provide a Business name. Your customers will see this in the Payment sheet.

You can choose to retrieve the customer's billing address, shipping address, email and phone from their Apple wallet to autofill the details in the checkout pages.

Once chosen, these fields become mandatory. The payment gateway configuration is now complete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

1. Why is Apple Pay not available as a payment option if I have integrated Chargebee Checkout using the Drop-in Script?

Apple Pay is not supported with the Chargebee Drop-in Script because it uses iframes. Instead, Apple Pay is available only when using Chargebee Checkout via Checkout URL  or API-based integration , which opens the checkout page in a separate tab or browser window.

Additionally, Apple Pay works only on iOS devices or when using the Safari browser on macOS. Ensure you are using one of these options during checkout. Apple Pay will not be available if you use a non-iOS device or a different browser.

2. What happens if I choose the billing/shipping address as mandatory but the customer fails to provide it in their Apple wallet?

If the billing/shipping address is mandatory and the customer did not provide it in their Apple wallet, they will be prompted to enter it during checkout and proceed.

3. Will changing my site's domain have any impact on enabling Apple Pay in Stripe?

Yes, since your site's URL is registered in Stripe, a change in the domain will impact the setup. Contact support  in such cases to get the new domain registered.

4. I'm setting up Custom Domain for checkout pages after setting up Apple Pay, what should I do?

Contact support  to update the domain name in Stripe.

5. Where can I find Apple Pay's sandbox testing requirements?

Follow the instructions given here  to test Apple Pay on your sandbox site.

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