Feature Availability Metrics 

Feature Availability Metrics (FAM) is designed to provide businesses with insights into how specific features are made available across various plans, addons, charges, and subscriptions. With FAM, you can make informed and quick decisions regarding feature bundling and pricing, ultimately helping you expand and upsell effectively.


To enable Feature Availability Metrics, contact support .

Understanding Feature Availability Metrics 

FAM provides a comprehensive overview of how specific features are distributed across different aspects of your business model.

Following are the metrics that you can derive using Feature Availability Metrics:

  1. Feature Availability Across Items: Indicates how a feature is available across items. For example, User Licenses is available in 5 plans, 2 addons, and 1 charges.
  2. Feature Availability across subscriptions: Indicates the number of subscriptions this feature is available on. For example, the User Licenses feature is Active on 10 Subscriptions
  3. Count of Subscription Overrides: Indicates the number of Subscription Overrides for a feature.
  4. Count of Limited Period Overrides: Indicates the number of Limited Period Overrides for a feature.

Accessing Feature Availability Metrics 

To access FAM follow the steps given below

  1. Login to your Chargebee app, and navigate to Entitlements > Features.

  2. Click a feature and go to the Feature Details page.

  3. The card will display comprehensive metrics for that specific feature, including all relevant details.

With the Feature Availability Metrics (FAM) at your disposal, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize feature availability, bundling, and pricing, ultimately driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

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