What are the Limitations 

The following are limitations for integrating the Apple App Store or Google Play Store with Chargebee.

  • Chargebee does not support multiple apps integration to a single Chargebee site using the admin user interface though this is possible using backend measures. If you have such requirements please reach out to support .

  • Apple App Store or Google Play Store integrations cannot be enabled for your Chargebee site if the Multi Business Entity  feature is enabled for the same.

  • A subscription product or plan configured in Apple App Store or Google Play Store is available for all regions by default. So the same subscription product can be available with different price-points but the same currency for two or more regions. In Chargebee, plans are not created based on the region, you'll be able to import the plan with only one price per currency. However, this will not impact subscriptions because we will override the plan's price while creating a subscription, thus subscription will be created based on the price that is relevant for the region.
    For example, consider Apple App Store's plan price in

    • United States region = $9.99 USD
    • Albania and Belarus region = $11.99 USD

    Now you can either import the plan to Chargebee with a $9.99 or an $11.99 USD price. Assume you have imported a plan with a $9.99 USD price to Chargebee. Now when a subscriber is from the United States region then the subscription will be created at a $9.99 USD price and if the subscriber is from Albania or Belarus region then the subscription will be created at an $11.99 USD price and both these subscriptions will be associated with the $9.99 price plan.

  • Chargebee restricts the deletion of Apple App Store or Google Play Store plans through the user interface to ensure seamless synchronization between Chargebee and these stores. In case you want to delete store plans then please contact support .

  • In the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, there is a provision to associate free trials, introductory offers, promotional offers, and coupon codes for subscription products. Currently, Chargebee only supports the free trial period with subscriptions in Chargebee. Therefore, we recommend refraining from associating in-app subscriptions with an introductory offer, promotional offer, or coupon code to Chargebee, as this will result in erroneous requests.

  • Our SDKs are available for iOS , Android , and Flutter  platforms if you are planning to use client SDKs for integration. Currently, we don't support in-app subscriptions on our React Native solution. So if your app is built on React Native or any other platform then either you need to write a wrapper around our Native SDKs or use Process Purchase Command  API to create in-app subscriptions in Chargebee.

  • You will not be able to import Apple App Store and Google Play Store plans from the Chargebee admin user interface if your Chargebee site is integrated with tax software like Avalara or Taxjar. In such a case, to import your store plans, reach out to support .

  • Since Apple App Store and Google Play Store generate invoices for your customers directly and don't share the invoice copy with us, we generate read-only invoices in Chargebee based on the total amount that was paid by your customer. You cannot download or email these invoices to your customers.

  • For any successful subscription to Apple App Store or Google Play Store, Chargebee gets a receipt that has only the total payment information. Since these receipts don't have information on the commission percentage charged by the store and the tax deduction amount, we report the total amount paid by your customer in the Invoices  and RevenueStory .

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