Release Notes 

Listed below are the feature updates released as part of each package version of the Salesforce integration.

July 2023 

Package Version 1.56 

  • Pause Subscriptions
    Use the Pause/Resume Subscription button on a CB Subscription page in Salesforce to pause a subscription. You have the option to pause immediately, at the end of the term, or on a specified date.

  • Resume Subscriptions
    Resume a paused subscription using the Pause/Resume Subscription button on a CB Subscription page in Salesforce. You can opt to resume immediately or on a specific date.

  • Multiple Price Books Support
    For those using multiple price books , you can now create entries for products in your preferred price book. Select the price book on the opportunity to ensure that the correct products can be added.

  • Subscription Cancellation Enhancements
    Updates to subscription cancellations allow you to schedule a Chargebee subscription termination either at the end of its term or on a specified date. Additionally, you can provide a cancellation reason code.

  • Salesforce Flow Updates
    Salesforce Flows have been enhanced to support cancel subscription and change subscription actions.

  • Contact to Account Association
    This new feature enables contacts without accounts to be associated with newly created accounts. This use case arises when a contact is created in Salesforce ahead of a subscription or deal creation. Should that customer return to make a direct purchase through a Chargebee channel, the integration will generate an account in Salesforce. It then locates the contact based on a matching field and links it to the newly created account.

April 2023 

Package Version 1.55 

  • Salesforce Flow Support
    We have added support for Manage CB Actions to be used in Salesforce Flows. This allows you to incorporate CB actions into your flows and automate more of your business processes. We are also planning to add more actions in the future. Learn more 

  • Field Mapping Improvement
    We have enhanced our field mapping capabilities to include ID and Formula Fields, which can now be mapped from Salesforce into Chargebee. The formula field value used will be what is populated at the time of the sync, providing more accurate and up-to-date data. Learn more 

  • Deactivated Price Book Entries
    We have improved our handling of deactivated price book entries, which previously presented an error and prevented users from proceeding. With the new update, if a price book entry is deactivated, an error message will be displayed, and you will be able to remove the deactivated product without disrupting your workflow.

  • New UI for Plan, Add on, and Charges
    To make it easier for users to find specific plans, add-ons, or charges, we have implemented the "Add Filter" option in the Plans, Charges, and Add-Ons sections. This allows you to narrow down your search results and quickly locate the information you need. Learn more 

  • Amount Field Improvements
    We have enhanced the Amount field on Salesforce Opportunities to reflect the full term of an add-on if its frequency is different from the associated plan. For example, a 1-year plan with a 1-month add-on will now reflect 1 year + 12 months.

  • Renewal Behavior Updated
    We have updated the renewal behavior of Chargebee integrations with Salesforce so that renewals created through the Chargebee integration will no longer overwrite changes each night.
    Additionally, we have introduced a new field called Renewal Opportunity Behavior, which provides greater control over the renewal behavior. You can leave this field blank if you don't want to make any changes.

  • Sync Billing Contact
    Additional contacts marked within Chargebee as a Billing Contact will now reflect in Salesforce based on your contact sync settings. This makes it easier to manage billing information across both platforms.

  • Subscription Creation
    When creating a subscription, you will now receive a message indicating whether the subscription has been successfully created or not. Additionally, the Chargebee Subscription-related list will now reflect new subscriptions without requiring a page reload.

  • Contract Term Sync
    We have added Contract Term Sync under Chargebee Settings > Sync Rules > Chargebee Settings, which allows you to control the syncing of all contract terms associated with subscriptions in Salesforce.

  • Product Family
    The product family will now be pre-populated if there is only one product family available, making it quicker and easier to assign products to the correct family.

  • Initial Sync
    We have improved the initial sync process so that it no longer pulls in all records at once. Instead, it will only pull in customers, products, and subscriptions, with other records syncing over time through our auto/targeted syncs.

  • Access Control
    We now support Salesforce Public Groups containing Roles, allowing for greater control over access to sensitive data.

  • Custom Reason Codes
    We now support custom cancellation reason codes, allowing for tailoring of the cancellation process to cater your specific needs.

February 2023 

Package Version 1.54 

  • Issue Refund
    This feature allows you to easily issue refunds within Salesforce directly from the Chargebee invoice object. Using Issue Refund, you can now initiate refunds from the invoice object, similar to how a refund is issued in Chargebee Billing.
    To initiate a refund, simply select the "issue refund" action from the invoice object, set the refund amount, add a reason code, and include an optional invoice note. Learn more 

  • Generate Invoice PDF
    Now, you can download Chargebee invoices as PDFs directly into Salesforce. By using Generate Invoice, you are able to view the actual invoice from Chargebee within Salesforce.
    To download an invoice PDF, select the "Download Invoice PDF" action within the Chargebee Invoice object in Salesforce. It generates the PDF and attaches it to the files-related list within the invoice. Learn more 

  • Modify Subscription Start Date
    With this feature, you can modify a subscription's start date in Chargebee, even after the subscription has been created. It is possible to adjust the start date of a subscription as long as the subscription has not started.
    To modify the start date of a subscription, select the "Change Start Date" action from the Subscription object in Salesforce. If the subscription has not yet started, you will be able to update the start date to a new date. However, if the subscription has already started, this action will result in an error and will not allow any changes to the subscription. Learn more 

September 2022 

Package Version 1.53 

September 2022 

August 2022 

Package Version 1.52 

  • You can now schedule the integration to auto-sync Chargebee customers, subscriptions, invoices, and more records every 10 minutes.
  • The integration now allows sales users to modify an existing quote.
  • While creating subscriptions out of opportunities, customers can now pay via their bank account while using the checkout link to complete their purchases.
  • While configuring sync rules for plans and addons, you can now use custom fields on the Salesforce product for matching Chargebee items.
  • Utilizing the Generate Checkout URL button while creating subscriptions, you can now seamlessly retrieve checkout links and use them in your sales workflows.
  • You can grant access to users who are part of a Salesforce public group like system administrators or sales managers to view and modify fields while they create subscriptions.
  • You can configure e-invoices for customers who are authorized to receive them when creating or updating Chargebee customers in Salesforce.
  • You can now create/change subscriptions out of an opportunity for ‘future' state subscriptions as well.

June 2022 

Package Version 1.51 

  • You can now select Chargebee business entities to connect to your Salesforce account.
  • You can add manual discounts to each line item of the subscription or the entire invoice amount while performing the following actions:
    • Create/change a subscription from an opportunity.
    • Create a quote for subscription amendment.
    • Manage products for subscription change.
    • Creating quotes for new subscriptions.

March 2022 

Package Version 1.50 

  • The enhanced Chargebee Salesforce integration user interface allows you to create and manage Chargebee quotes and subscriptions effortlessly.

January 2022 

Package Version 1.49 

  • The enhanced user interface for the Chargebee Salesforce integration now allows users to create subscriptions and quotes out of opportunities seamlessly.
  • The Chargebee Salesforce integration now allows users to create subscriptions with metered items and generate the first invoice in a 'draft' state.
  • Creating a quote for one-off charges is now supported in Product Catalog 2.0.
  • Users are now successfully redirected to the URL that is configured within the plan in Chargebee.
  • The Chargebee Salesforce integration now allows adding one-time charge items as unbilled charges.
  • New permission sets are now available for standard users.

December 2021 

Package Version 1.48.3 

  • The integration allows users to create a quote against a cancelled subscription.

October 2021 

Package Version 1.48 

September 2021 

Package Version 1.47 

June 2021 

Package Version 1.46 

  • Automatic closure of renewal opportunities in response to contract term renewals and subscription cancellations.
  • The Retrieve Data operation allows you to sync specific Chargebee records by their ids.
  • Price overriding is now supported for plans/addons/charges with tiered, volume, and stairstep pricing models.

May 2021 

Package Version 1.45 

  • Add a charge for an account in Salesforce.
  • Add a charge for a subscription in Salesforce.
  • The billing cycle field is fetched from Chargebee and auto-filled in forms.
  • Start and end dates for invoice line items are synced to the CB Invoice Line Item object.
  • Expired coupons are removed from the list displayed in forms.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

May 2021 

Package Version 1.44 

  • The Update Payment Method (Email) action now has a better user experience.
  • Action at term-end field is now synced to the CB Subscription object.
  • Multi-decimal configurations are now fully supported in Salesforce. Users can create, view, and amend subscriptions with multi-decimal pricing and quantities within Salesforce.
  • Bug fixes relating to sync error logs.

April 2021 

Package Version 1.43 

  • Support for Metered Billing: Metered plans, addons, and charges configured in Chargebee can now sync to Salesforce, allowing users to add them while creating subscriptions.
  • Bug fixes.
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