Chargebee's Solution on Google API Change 

In May 2022, Google changed the structure of subscription products definition in Google Play Console. This new structure associates each subscription with multiple base plans and each plan with multiple offers. Learn more  about the new subscription product structure.

Enable these changes on Chargebee 

With backward compatibility, all subscription products configured in Google Play Console are converted to the new product structure.

Therefore, make sure that the following steps are implemented in Google Play Console to enable Chargebee's solution:

  1. After migration, the old subscription products configured in Google Play Console are marked as read-only. We recommend not to edit that unless absolutely necessary.

  2. If you decide to edit this subscription due to unavoidable circumstances, make sure that there's no additional base plan or offer associated with this subscription.
    Note: All subscription products will have a single base plan with a backward compatibility tag after migration.
    The subscription product appears like the below-mentioned image.

  3. If you have already created multiple base plans, then Google allows you to make only one base plan as backward compatible. Chargebee will support subscription sync only for this base plan.

  4. If you have a free trial period associated with a subscription earlier to this change, then Google will associate this as an offer to the backward compatible plan. Similar to the base plan, only one offer can be backward compatible, and we recommend that a backward compatible base plan must have a backward compatible offer associated with it. Chargebee supports this backward compatible offer if the offer type is free trial.

  5. If you want to use the functionality of the new subscription feature announced by Google (a single subscription being associated with multiple base plans), then Chargebee doesn't support this directly. To support the above scenario, create multiple subscription products and associate each subscription product with a single base plan.
    Note: A single base plan associated with a subscription product will be tagged as backward compatible by Google.

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