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Configuring the Integration 

Private Beta

This integration is currently available for private beta testing. Contact [email protected]  if you wish to get this enabled for your site.

On this page we look at all the configuration options available for the Pipedrive integration. You can access the configuration page by navigating as follows:

  1. On the navigation bar, click Settings.
  2. Click Third-party Integrations.
  3. Under Sales, click Pipedrive.
  4. Click Manage sync preferences.

These settings are also displayed during the time that the integration is setup for the first time.

Sync Rules for Contacts 

Discussed below are the available options for configuring how customer records are synced from Chargebee to person and organization records in Pipedrive. The images below show the various options available:

Each of the options available above are discussed below:

1. Choose the customers you'd like to sync 

Sync all customers

This option is selected by default.

Customer records are synced to Pipedrive even if they do not have subscriptions attached.

Sync only customers with subscriptions

Only those customer records are synced to Pipedrive that have subscriptions attached to them.

2. Allow Chargebee to create ‘People' in Pipedrive 

This option is enabled by default.

Once a matching Pipedrive person record is found for a given Chargebee customer record, they are mapped to each other. This setting determines what happens when a match is not found.


Enable this toggle to allow Chargebee to create new person records in Pipedrive when a match is not found in the latter. This is useful when some leads appear in Chargebee first, as customer records and you want them to be synced to Pipedrive so that your sales team may nurture them. For example, when your customers sign-up for trial subscriptions from an online storefront.

Disabled Disable this toggle to prevent new person records from being created in Pipedrive by Chargebee. You would choose this option if you have a sales-driven workflow and leads are never created in Chargebee first. 

3. Allow Chargebee to manage ‘Organization' in Pipedrive 

This option is disabled by default.

Select this option to allow Chargebee to create organization records in Pipedrive and manage their relationships with person records. This option helps if you are a B2B business that needs to have Chargebee customer records mapped to Pipedrive organizations. Disable this option if you are a B2C-only business that has only individual consumers as customers.


Once, if subscription data has been synced to the organization object (due to setting 3.1), then this setting cannot be disabled.

Managing organizations in Pipedrive

If the company name of the customer record matches an organization name in Pipedrive, the mapped person record is linked to that organization. If a matching organization is not found, a new one is created. Also, if the company name of a customer record is changed, then on syncing, the person record is delinked from its organization and then linked to the updated organization. The new organization, if not found in Pipedrive, is created.

If two or more Pipedrive organization records have the same name, and a Chargebee customer record matches that organization name, it would fail to sync. This is because it is unclear as to which Pipedrive organization record, the Chargebee customer record should sync to.

What's the company name for a customer in Chargebee?

  • It's the value of the company field of the Customer, if available.
  • If the company field is empty, then it is the domain name of the email address.
  • However, if the email address domain belongs to common ISPs or email service providers, the company name is the value of the id field of the customer.

3.1 Choose the contact in Pipedrive you'd like to sync subscription details with

Subscription data in Chargebee can also be pushed to Pipedrive. Here, you can choose the object you want to append the data to: either People or Organization. Note that if setting 3 is disabled, then the subscription data is synced to people records. You can select the specific fields that are synced under this configuration. If you don't want subscription data to be pushed to Pipedrive, you can uncheck the subscription fields under that configuration.


To maintain data integrity, this setting cannot be changed once subscription data has been synced to Pipedrive.

Multiple Subscriptions

When there are multiple subscriptions for any given customer record, the most relevant is selected by Chargebee to be synced to Pipedrive. The most relevant subscription is the one with the highest rank according to the following table:

Subscription status

Active/Non Renewing


In Trial








Here too, if there are multiple subscriptions of the highest rank, then the one that was modified last is chosen for syncing.


The ranking logic described above is applied on every sync so that the most relevant subscription is kept synced to Pipedrive.

4. When a customer is deleted in Chargebee 

Mark ‘Person' as deleted

This option is selected by default if setting 3 is disabled.

Sets the CB Customer Status custom field in the person record to Deleted.

Mark ‘Person' and ‘Organization' as deleted.

This option is selected by default if setting 3 is enabled.

Sets the CB Customer Status field in the person record to Deleted. Also, if there are no other person records attached to the organization, the CB Status field for the latter is also set to Deleted.

Do Nothing

No changes are made.

5. Map customers from Chargebee to Pipedrive 

The default value selected for this setting is email address.

Choose the fields used to match Chargebee customer records with Pipedrive person records. Some considerations follow:

  • If the Pipedrive field is selected as email address then the Chargebee field must also be the same.
  • On selecting Person Id for Pipedrive, the Chargebee field can be either Customer Id or any custom field in the Customer object.
  • If leads are contacted via phone only, then you can use the phone number as the unique Id.

If you use an API-based integration where you create customers in Chargebee on lead generation in Pipedrive, then do the following:

  1. Programmatically store the Person Id from Pipedrive in a custom field in the Chargebee customer.
  2. Set Chargebee Customer field to the custom field chosen in the previous step.
  3. Set Pipedrive Person field to Person Id.

Sync Rules for Deals 

Deals can be updated in Pipedrive based on changes in subscriptions or one-time invoices for customers.

Delayed sync for deals
Deals are updated in Pipedrive only from the second full sync onwards. This limits the time taken for the first sync to complete especially when there are a lot of customer records in Chargebee.

Creating Deals 

Chargebee allows you to create deals for the following events:

Here's how a deal is created:

  • If Create a deal is selected for any of the subscription-related events listed above, a new deal is created and its CB Subscription ID custom field is populated with the ID of the subscription.
  • If Create a deal is selected for when a one-time invoice is created for a customer, the CB Invoice ID custom field of the deal is populated with the invoice Id.

When deals are created by Chargebee, they're linked to the contact that the subscription details are appended to. See setting 3.1.

Updating Existing Deals 

The integration allows you to update existing deals in Pipedrive for the following events:

  • When a subscription is created.
  • When subscription items are updated.
  • When a subscription is reactivated.
  • When a subscription is paused.
  • When a subscription is resumed.
  • When a subscription is cancelled.
  • When a subscription is deleted.
  • When a one-time invoice for a customer is created.
  • When a one-time invoice for a customer is paid.
  • When a one-time invoice for a customer is voided.
  • When a one-time invoice for a customer is deleted.

Here's how a deal is updated:

  • When the Update existing deal option is selected for any of the subscription-related events listed above, Chargebee finds the last created deal whose value for the CB Subscription ID field matches the subscription ID and then updates it.
  • When the Update existing deal option is selected for any of the above-listed events that pertain to one-time invoice for customers, Chargebee finds the last created deal whose value for the CB Invoice ID field matches the invoice ID and then updates it.

If no deals meeting the above conditions are found, then Chargebee looks for open deals for the contact and updates the last created one. Further, if no open deals are found for the contact, a sync error occurs. The "contact" here refers to "person" or "organization", depending on how setting 3.1 is set above.

If you create multiple deals for the same contact, you would end up having more than one subscription for the contact. Insert the subscription ID of each subscription into the CB Subscription ID field of the corresponding deal to ensure that the correct deal is updated for every subscription. Similarly, for deals that correspond to one-time invoices for customers, insert the invoice Id into the CB Invoice ID field of the corresponding deal.

Updating Deal Values 

When creating or updating deals based on subscription-related events, there are several options available for setting the deal value.

To understand the options available, consider an invoice with the following details:

A. 12 months plan: $1200

B. Recurring addon with period 2 months: $120

C. Non-recurring addon: $50

D. Subtotal: A + B + C = $1370

E. US sales tax @ 2% = $27.4

F. TOTAL: D + E = $1397.4

The options available are as follows:

  • Use invoice amount (Default): The invoice total (F) is set for deal value. In our example, it is $1397.4.
  • Use recurring items total: The total value of the recurring items in the subscription. In the given example, it would be (A + B) = $1320.

Adding Notes to Deals 

You can choose to add automated notes to deals when they are created or updated. Here are some sample notes that are added:

  • Deal worth USD 99 has been created due to subscription (JJhSocQRad2mLG7y) creation in Chargebee.
  • Deal moved from Quote sent to Won due to subscription (Hu7pMmuRad2jbW1Fr) updates in Chargebee.
  • Deal value changed from USD 200 to USD 250 due to subscription (Hu7pMmuRad2jbW1Fr) updates in Chargebee.
  • Deal value changed from USD 39 to USD 99 and moved from Lost to Won due to subscription (JJhSocQRad2mLG7y) reactivation in Chargebee.
  • Deal worth USD 99 has been created due to invoice (IN-287) creation in Chargebee.

Sync Additional Fields 

The integration always syncs a set of standard fields from Chargebee to Pipedrive. You can also choose to sync additional Chargebee customer and subscription fields (including custom fields) to the Pipedrive contacts. Customer fields chosen here are synced to the person object. Subscription fields are synced to the person object by default or the organization object if configured accordingly under setting 3.1. The field names are synced to the Pipedrive objects as custom fields with the naming convention CB . For example, If you add the Created At field (from subscriptions) then the name of the field in Pipedrive is set as CB Created At.

Configuration options post initial setup 

After the first full sync, the following options are available on the left side of the integration page as shown:

Auto Sync 

Auto sync is enabled by default. When enabled, the sync runs automatically every 1 hour. The Overview page shows the the last time the sync was run.

Manage Sync Preferences 

Choose this option to go to the configuration page (as described from the beginning of this page).

Any changes made here only affect new records synced from the point of applying the change. The changes are not applied retrospectively, that is, the previously synced records are not affected.

For example, If you change the unique Id used to match records between Chargebee and Pipedrive, the mapping between existing customer and person records is not changed. Any new customer records created after this change are matched using the new setting when the sync runs next.

Unlink Integration 

Unlinking the integration deletes the integration configuration information and stops any information from being pushed to Pipedrive.

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