Product Catalog Overview 

Product Catalog in Chargebee helps you define your product and service offerings in addition to helping you package them to your customers via subscriptions. You can set up your product catalog in Chargebee by defining Product Families, Plans, Addons, Charges, Coupons, and Coupon Sets.

Introducing Product Catalog 2.0, an all-new version of the Chargebee site that redefines how you manage your product catalog and subscriptions for your business. Product catalog 2.0 empowers you to build an optimal and scalable product catalog for your business with features such as:

  • Consolidating multiple currencies and billing frequency price points within a single plan or addon.
  • Improving your operational efficiency, and reduce the go-to-market time for new product launches, currencies, billing frequencies.
  • Managing multiple product lines and their pricing using product families.
  • Having better control in areas of feature management and subscription change management.

All Chargebee sites created from May 05, 2021, will have Product Catalog 2.0 enabled by default. Sites created prior to this date will continue to have Product Catalog 1.0, and you can contact support to migrate to Product Catalog 2.0.

Product Families 

A product family corresponds to a product or service offering that can have multiple plans, addons, and charges. Product families help you present your plans and addons to customers contextually. Learn how you can define product families in Chargebee.


A plan defines the frequency of billing and the amount to be charged for a product or service. Each subscription is defined by the plan associated with it, as the plan contains information regarding the pricing, the billing cycle, the billing, and the trial periods of the product. Learn more.


Addons define a service or item that's being offered in addition to the plan on a recurring basis. These pre-defined components can be specified as recurring, and flat-fee, or quantity-based items. You can read more about addons here.


Similar to addons, charges are services or items being offered in addition to the plan, but on a non-recurring basis. You could charge customers for an ‘Onboarding support', or a one-time ‘Maintenance charge'. You can read about Charges here.

Price Points 

Price points help you create variations of the same plan or addon for different currency and billing frequency combinations. A single plan or addon can have multiple price points based on the currency and billing frequency in which you want to offer them. Similarly, charges can have multiple price points based on the currency. Learn how you can define price points for plans, addons, and charges in Chargebee.


Promotions and incentives play a key factor in driving customers toward a product and boosting sales. A coupon defines the benefit being applied, and the period up to which it will be applied, on a Subscription. Learn more.

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