Announcing ChargeBee's $5m Series B Funding

| Last Updated: June 09, 2015 |

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I’ve got some good news!

We are thrilled to share that we’ve raised $5 million in our Series-B round of venture capital funding. The investment is led by Tiger Global with participation from our existing investor Accel Partners.

In 2011, a caffeine backed 5 member crew shipped the first version of ChargeBee out of an apartment. (Phew….it’s been a while, just 3 months short of our 4 year anniversary.)

We started out with an aim to build a product that would take care of the most essential components of SaaS and subscription commerce businesses - recurring billing and subscription management.

In the early days, our first few customers were total strangers, who trusted a new product with their money and time. And were willing to spend hours to share precious feedback, which guided our efforts towards making a better product.

Like Paul Graham says, if we focus hard enough on the customer’s needs, the uniqueness factor will take care of itself (here is the link to read if you are interested - an excellent blog post). That is exactly what we have done and you, our customers, have helped us shape the product.

Our product has grown tremendously in the last few years, as of today, we serve customers in 48 countries and process $100 million annually for them.

So, what is this funding for?

To build the best product & service out there. That’s where we intend to focus all our energies on.

This funding will help us to ramp up the team across all functions - most importantly, our engineering team, to accelerate our product development to keep up with your growing needs and our customer support team to be available across all channels, always.

We are very excited to have two amazing brands Accel Partners and Tiger Global onboard, as investors. We are thankful to them for believing in the team and our mission.

An enormous thanks to all of you for the constant support and we look forward to building an amazing platform that serves you better.

Krish Subramanian Co-founder & CEO ChargeBee

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