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Migrating Data 

Data migration involves importing data from your previous platform into Chargebee. By data we mean customer, subscription, credit notes and invoices(excluding past invoices).

If you've moved to a new gateway and looking to map the new cards tokens to your customers, refer to the document on migrating cards.

This doc addresses the steps involved in Data Migration when you have raised a request to our Migration team. If you are looking to self migrate data, take a look at our doc on Self Migration.

Steps Involved 

1) Complete your Chargebee site setup. Try out a few mock transactions to test and ensure the flow works as expected.

2) Raise a migration request in your Chargebee application by clicking Settings > Import and Export data > Raise a migration request.

3) After our migration team gets in touch with you, send the data that needs to be imported in Chargebee's format(expected format will be shared in a CSV sheet by our migration team).

4) Stop new signups on your existing system and start taking them in through Chargebee Live site. This avoids new additions to the import data.

5) Review of data will be done by us before importing it into your Chargebee Test site. You can then verify the imported data by logging into your Chargebee Test site.

6) Fix a date for Live site migration with our migration team. This enables us to prepare priorly for the import and monitor it completely during the day of import.

7) Post migration, Chargebee starts handling all further billing for your imported subscriptions.

8) Cancel all the Subscriptions in your existing billing system only after the Live site import. This ensures that your customers are not billed twice.


  • The changes done in your Chargebee Live site are irreversible. Ensure you carefully review all your data in Test site before we move forward with the Live site import.

  • For migration-ready subscriptions renewing on the date of migration, renewal date will be moved further about two or three days based on your preference. This allows sufficient time to check and verify the imported data on your Live site.

  • By default, Chargebee will not trigger any webhooks or send any email notifications to customers during import. But the same can be overridden and enabled if you need them sent.

  • We prefer data to be in the same format as in the sample CSV.

  • We do not prefer data transfer happening via emails (as attachments). Google Sheets/Docs is a more secure way of sharing data.

  • Data manipulation using discretion, even if it's considered a small change, should be done by you.


Is there a chance of double billing?

The migration process is designed in such a way that there will be no double billing.

However, to ensure this, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Stop taking new sign ups through your existing billing platform. Take them in through Chargebee Live site.

  2. Decide on a specific date for migration.

    1. If you are migrating data yourself, decide on a date which has least renewals.
    2. If our Migration team is migrating your data, negotiate a date for migration.
  3. Postpone the renewal date of subscriptions that are set to renew on the day of migration. It can be a few days (usually 2 or 3 days) so that you get sufficient time to review all the imported data in Live site before renewals start happening in Chargebee.

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