Release Notes 

Here is a list of the features included in each version of the Chargebee for Salesforce CPQ integration package.

September 2022 

CPQ package version 1.3 

  • The integration now supports subscription amendment where you can create/change a subscription.

July 2022 

CPQ package version 1.2 

  • The integration now supports Contract Pricing.
  • You can create subscriptions with metered products using the CPQ integration.

June 2022 

CPQ package version 1.1 

  • You can connect single or multiple Chargebee sites to the same Salesforce instance.
  • The integration now allows you to associate Chargebee sites with price books so that product changes and requirements are reflected in the appropriate site.
  • You can now add a Chargebee site while creating Accounts out of Salesforce.
  • You can view which Chargebee site a queue item belongs to and troubleshoot errors effectively.
  • A custom object called Site is added to store integration specific Chargebee sites within Salesforce.
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