Create Single Order with Multiple Items 


This functionality builds upon our existing consolidated invoice feature and offers a streamlined approach to manage orders for consolidated invoices. With this feature, all items within a consolidated invoice that share the same shipping address and shipping date will be clubbed together in one order, providing our customers with a more efficient and convenient way to manage orders with multiple items.

Importance of this Feature 

This new feature is important for our users, particularly those who sell multiple physical goods. This feature empowers e-commerce brands to streamline their organizational processes. By clubbing items with the same shipping address and date together in one order, brands can efficiently manage their orders, invoices, and fulfillment processes, saving time and reducing administrative overhead.


These are the prerequisites before enabling this feature:

  • Enable Consolidate Invoices for All Customers . Consolidated invoicing must be enabled for all customers before enabling this feature. Ensure that Consolidated Invoicing is enabled and that all the required conditions for consolidated invoicing are met for all customers.
  • Enable orders  in Chargebee for this feature to function correctly.
  • Set up Items or Plans as Shippable. When creating items such as plans, addons, subscription-level charges, or customer-level charges, ensure the items are tagged as shippable . This is necessary to create the order with the item associated with the consolidated invoice.

Configuring create single order with multiple items 

Here are steps for configuring Chargebee to enable this feature:

  1. Login to your Chargebee account.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Billing LogIQ > Order > Order preferences.
  3. Enable Create single order with multiple items in the Orders settings.


The following table states few scenarios and their configuration:

Consolidated Order Scenarios

Chargebee Configuration

Merchant: Supplement brand
Product: Subscription and one-time purchases
Checkout: Two subscriptions and a one-time purchase
Shipping: All items ship immediately
Invoice: All items are consolidated into a single invoice
Order: All products with the same shipping address and date are consolidated into a single order.
Subsequent orders: All items with the same shipping address and date are consolidated into a single order.

The following are the steps to configure:

  1. Purchase API is used for checkout; subscriptions, charges, and addon automatically. Consolidated Invoices are enabled using Purchase API.

  2. Under Configure Chargebee > Billing LogIQ > Orders > Orders preferences, enable Create single order with multiple items.

  3. Enable Consolidated Orders.

Merchant: IoT brand
Product: Hardware and Digital subscription bundle
Checkout: 30 bundles purchased offline
Subscription: The merchant manually enters unbilled charges, indicating their use of day-based billing where line items with start dates falling within the same date/time are grouped together within a 24-hour period, unless the time gap exceeds 24 hours, resulting in a separate order.
Invoice: The merchant manually generates a consolidated invoice
Order: All hardware goods with the same shipping address and date are consolidated into a single order.

The following are the steps to configure:

  1. Under Configure ChargebeeBilling LogIQOrdersOrders preferences, enable Create single order with multiple items.

  2. Enable Consolidated Orders.

  3. Create subscriptions and charges (hardware/goods) as unbilled charged with the same start date

    1. Manually enter the plan for a customer as an unbilled charge to Subscriptions > Create Subscription > Invoicing Options.

    2. Manually enter the Start date to Subscriptions > Create Subscription > Billing Info. So that all plans will fall within the same date/time to be grouped together in a single order.

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