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This page contains the latest updates of the Chargebee-HubSpot integration.

15 August, 2020

  • Create Chargebee Customer and Subscription from HubSpot: If you have a sales-driven workflow, your sales team works directly in HubSpot. They work through the deals and companies in HubSpot and create Chargebee customers and subscriptions from them. Learn more.
  • Option to select from different pipelines: With this update, Chargebee displays the different pipelines in HubSpot that you can choose from to sync your subscription information. This feature allows users to sync subscriptions, and create/update deals in any pipeline in HubSpot. Learn more.
  • Mapping customers with contacts: Mapping customers from Chargebee to HubSpot was earlier done using email. With this update you can use the Email, Phone number, or any other custom fields in Chargebee to map with the email, phone number, mobile phone number, work email, or Twitter username in HubSpot. Learn more.
  • Enhancements to the way Chargebee updates contacts lifecycle stages: This setting is now optional. Learn more.

30 July, 2020

  • Syncing Billing Information: With this update the billing information (such as billing address, name, and email) of a Chargebee customer is available under the Chargebee Customer Info Property group in HubSpot. This allows the merchant to access the billing information directly from HubSpot and helps in segregating the details subscription owner (contact)from the one who is billed (billing contact).
  • Displaying Chargebee Order Info: Chargebee Order Info will be displayed for a contact in HubSpot only if you are using Shipping Orders in Chargebee.

6 May, 2020

  • Contact deletion: This update is applicable if you have chosen to create a contact whenever a customer in Chargebee does not have a matching contact in HubSpot. Earlier, a contact used to be created every time there is a missing record. Therefore, even if you had voluntarily deleted a contact, it would get updated in the following sync. With this update, a contact is not re-created during the sync. Instead, it remains as a sync error.

27 April, 2020

Subscription/deal sync related changes: If you choose to create a deal, whenever a subscription is created in Chargebee then each subscription is mapped to a separate deal in HubSpot. Therefore, if a single customer has multiple subscriptions, then for each subscription a deal is created in HubSpot. Earlier, you could map only one subscription from a customer to a deal.

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