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QuickBooks Mapping 

Map Customer Data in Chargebee & QuickBooks 

If you would like to start using Chargebee with QuickBooks Online, or have been using QuickBooks Online and have invoices present, it might be a good idea to migrate the customers to Chargebee and map them to avoid duplicates during invoice sync.

This document will walk you through the process of migrating and mapping the customer records.

Learn more about Chargebee - QuickBooks Online Integration.


For ease of reading, we will refer to QuickBooks Online as QuickBooks

Migrate customers from QuickBooks 

If you are connecting a brand new Chargebee site or an existing Chargebee site, to your QuickBooks Company which has customers and invoices already created, you can migrate the customers into Chargebee.

For information on how to migrate your customers to Chargebee, check our migration documentation.

Customer Mapping 

If you have manually imported invoices into QuickBooks from Chargebee, the customers present in Chargebee would have been created in QuickBooks. So, once you start the sync, there is a probability of creating duplicates.

To avoid duplicates, you can map the customers, here's how:

Step 1: Connect to QuickBooks and initiate mapping process

Connect your QuickBooks account to Chargebee. Refer QuickBooks integration steps for more details. If there are invoices present in QuickBooks, Chargebee will prompt you to contact  to get the process started. You can send a request after connecting to your QuickBooks account.

Step 2: Chargebee prepares customer mapping document

A document with the customer information from QuickBooks and Chargebee will be prepared. Chargebee will try to match the customer information if customers have the same

  • Email address or
  • Company Name
  • First Name + Last Name

Here is a sample:

Step 3: Review customer mapping

The document will contain customer information which may match in Chargebee and QuickBooks. If a match is present, it will have a corresponding entry.

You can choose to update the document, by updating the customer mapping as shown below:

After reviewing, you can share the updated mapping sheet to .

Step 4: Upload in Chargebee

Once the document is received, the updated mapping will be uploaded in Chargebee. This mapping will be referred while syncing the information to avoid duplicates from being created.


1. What if the mapping is incorrect?

You can merge contacts in QuickBooks incase duplicates are created. You can also share the details to  and the customer will be mapped offline.

2. Can I skip the mapping step?

Yes, you can. But, Chargebee will create Company_1 and Company_2 in QuickBooks as mapping is not performed.

3. Can I map customers after the integration is setup?

Yes, you can. Contact  to start the process.

4. I have created customers in QuickBooks and now want to sync them back. What should I do?

You can still get the customers mapped between Chargebee and QuickBooks. Contact  to start the process.

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