RevenueStory Powered vs Classic dashboard 

Chargebee provides key business metrics within the Home dashboard. RevenueStory offers in-depth reports and analysis by crunching vast data volume. Now, all the metrics and data visible are powered by RevenueStory.

RevenueStory powered dashboard features 

The following are the features of the RevenueStory- powered Home dashboard:

  • Near real-time data update for all reports are currently available in Chargebee's Home dashboard.
  • Same data source and calculations are used for the Home dashboard as well as RevenueStory metrics and reports.

The dashboard refreshes at the rate of 15-30 minutes depending on the data volume of your site.


1) Will the numbers change from the Chargebee-powered Home dashboard to the RevenueStory-powered Home dashboard?
Yes, you would be able to spot the following key difference in numbers between Chargebee Vs RevenueStory powered Home dashboards. These occur if Chargebee site currency settings are different than the reporting currency settings.

  • Currency
    • The Chargebee powered Home dashboard uses the currency configured within the site.
    • The RevenueStory powered Home dashboard uses the reporting currency.

Number mismatch in currency might occur if both the dashboards are configured differently.

  • Exchange Rates
    • Chargebee powered Home dashboard absorbs the exchange rate at the time of creating or updating the subscription.
    • RevenueStory powered Home dashboard absorbs the period's latest exchange rate.

2) Why do I see a difference between my RevenueStory-powered Home dashboard and RevenueStory metrics? Aren't they coming from the data and using the same settings?
We have optimized the Home dashboard to be near-real-time data refresh for a high-level view of key metrics. Meanwhile, the RevenueStory module is designed for more in-depth analysis; therefore, it experiences data latency compared to the Home dashboard.

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