5 tools to automate your customer engagement in your website

~ 3 min read | November 2

Listening to Customers

Customer engagement is crucial to building brand awareness and improving conversions for SaaS businesses. Customers make purchasing decisions after a number of interactions and understanding of how a solution will improve their businesses or lives. However, driving and maintaining engagement can be difficult. How can you improve customer engagement on your SaaS website?

SaaS companies with many users have to find ways to automate most of their tasks, including customer engagement. Automation tools lower the cost of doing business and improve efficiency. Below are five of the top customer engagement tools you should consider for your business.


WebEngage is a powerful customer engagement suite that helps businesses to gather customer insight using laser targeted surveys and drive conversions through Push Notifications. The app features an easy drag and drop form builder that supports various types of questions. After setup, you can collect responses from your targeted visitors or through a dedicated URL embedded in a tweet or email.

For example, you can get response from visitors from particular geographic locations, those who spend less than 60 seconds on your website, first-time visitors, those who come via Google search and so on. These customizations are made possible through the app’s rule builder

WebEngage enables collection of precise information on any aspect of your business you may want. Real time statistics of each survey are available through reports that can be downloaded in Excel format.


FanPlayr brings engagement by enabling businesses to easily generate online gamified coupons. With the app, you can add campaigns to your website and leverage on the built-in integration to Facebook and Twitter to engage your customers.

You can target visitors through behavioral data, customer demographics, purchase history and data from external sources such as PayPal to improve brand awareness, reward engagement and grow conversions.


SaaS companies with a recurring billing business model have to watch metrics such as churn and cost of customer acquisition to understand the health of their businesses.

Apptegic helps companies to better understand their customers through a set of tools that improve engagement. The app helps businesses to make sense of customer data to better respond to their needs. Using the app’s Customer Guidance System (CGS), companies can identify trends in customer usage and message users in real time.

Businesses can know which features of their solutions are useful and which one are not, which are sticky and what keeps customers coming back. With this information, a business can build its tools to improve engagement with its customers.


Needle helps companies to improve conversions through connecting their customers to knowledgeable experts for different queries. Instead of outsourcing your customer support to a team that has no first-hand experience with your product, you can use Needle to offer support from an expert group that understands your product and that will improve conversions.

The members of the support team are your previous and current customers who are recruited to provide feedback and advice to prospective customers looking to try your product.


**UserVoice enables customers to harness innovation and ideas of customers and potential customers by improving the signal-to-noise of user opinions. The app allows users to air their complaints, suggestions and opinions, which businesses can collect and manage in one platform.

Instead of going through a mountain of emails from your users requesting for new features or improvements, you can use UserVoice to easily determine which suggestions or ideas are more important to your customers.

Are you using any customer engagement tools at your website? Let us know which tools you are using on the comment section below.

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