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Summer 2022 Product Updates: Monetize Effectively and Sail Through Market Turbulence

Chargebee's Summer 2022 Product Release is here to help you make your existing customers stay with you, find value in your offerings, and continue paying you. 

14 Proven eCommerce Customer Retention Strategies

When we think of eCommerce revenue growth, we often gravitate toward tactics and strategies for attracting new customers, optimizing the shopping experience, and expanding our reach. But this isn’t the only way to deliver revenue growth (and it may not even be the most effective). In eCommerce, customer retention is just as critical as new …

Subscription Box Industry Trends and Opportunities for Businesses

Subscription boxes are nothing new, but they’re enjoying more success than ever, thanks to a consumer base that values convenience and price above all. The subscription box market is enjoying rapid growth propelled, in part, by the pandemic, which shuttered shops and drove shoppers to the internet. Consumers want a frictionless shopping experience, which means …

What Is eCommerce Churn and How to Calculate it?

Customer churn is a frequent issue eCommerce businesses face. When you’re trying to build a customer base that delivers recurring revenue, you want to ensure that your eCommerce churn rate is as low as possible. Churn occurs when customers take their business elsewhere. This is true for both online stores and eCommerce stores that sell …

How to Uncomplicate Your Churn Problem

Nothing that’s truly transformational, is simple. Like conquering planets, building products that outlive the people, or intercepting customer churn before it even happens. Innovation is supposed to be complex. Or is it?