Why developers and non-techs love ChargeBee

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Why Coders, IT and Non-Techs Love ChargeBee

Like any other system, online billing solutions need to be integrated with the merchant’s environment and also needs to be constantly updated with more recent data like new plans, coupons and pricing structures. This job mostly ends up with the IT department or developers.

The most common reason why it does end up with them is because of the complexity involved in making these updates as well as the fear of making mistakes by non-technical users.

While it is true that no online billing system can go without these occasional or frequent updates, it is however possible to make it easier on the one doing all the work.

ChargeBee - Why they Love us

So, why would developers and non-techs love us?

Here’s why:

1. Multiple Integration Paths

We offer 3 integration routes that our customers can choose from.

  • Zero development effort
  • Complete API integration.
  • Hybrid approach – go-live with no code & subsequently minimal code for specific use cases.
  • And an awesome JS library that is coming up soon.

2. Developer friendly API

Stripe really set the standards high with their API design & documentation. We took it one step further with our auto-generated readily usable code snippets for our documentation.

Imagine an awesome Stripe like API library on any of the 30+ payment gateways worldwide and covering the entire spectrum of billing service. That is what we offer at ChargeBee and developers just love it. You can check it out here.

3. Redefining “Simple, Intuitive and User friendly UI”

Simplicity does not mean lack of features. To us simplicity means contextual use of features and beautiful elements of user interface that are available for use, just where you need them. This is why anyone who has tried ChargeBee loves us.

4. Easy setup and implementation

The setup process is nothing but creation of plans, coupons & email setup. No major development & customization effort necessary.

With the option to invite users with different roles into the system, your marketing, sales & support team can be given access to certain sections in the billing system that they can use to run with specific details relevant to them.

Example: Your marketing team can have access to just configure new coupons to run specific campaigns without depending on your development team. And any user who signs up using this campaign can be tracked and invoiced accordingly.

5. Admin Console

A command center that has all the billing system’s functions built in. So there is no need to write code or make API calls to get things done. All you need to do is log in and start clicking away!

Oh, we provide a free sandbox loaded with demo data when you signup online. Exploring our app takes just about** 5 minutes**. Do give it a spin and let us know what you think.

ChargeBee Testimonials

You can read these testimonials here.

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