Drip Marketing in SaaS

Drip marketing helps brands stay relevant to their prospects and build relationships over time. To remain in a healthy state, SaaS businesses should strive to get customers at the lowest cost possible. Drip marketing gives SaaS founders an opportunity to establish their credibility in the market and convert leads to customers at a low cost. Let’s take a look at how drip marketing can work for your business.

SaaS companies have to determine what kind of customers they are signing up. Trial users can be argued to be a vanity metric, but with proper segmentation, you can improve the chances of the users converting to paying customers.

Identifying Serious Buyers

When you launch your SaaS offering, you need to check various metrics to determine whether a user is simply an “explorer” or a “serious buyer”. You can use different tools to track user activity on your SaaS offering to better understand them. For example, you may want to know:

  • Which features of the app is popular with your user
  • Average time that trial users spend on your app
  • Expressed interest in exploring paid features
  • Know the type of persons who have signed up (Buyer Personas)

User engagement in your app can give you a clear indication on their likelihood of converting to paid customers. At the same time, you will get marketing insight on what users are looking for in your app.

Email communication is an important part of any SaaS drip marketing campaign. Email can provide crucial information that can help you know how to tailor your offer or approach your market. With email, you can:

  • Carry out customer feedback and surveys.
  • Provide quick links to FAQs and video tutorial.
  • Provide marketing messages such as upgrades, discounts, etc.
  • Reach users in a personal way to convince them to upgrade.

You can use different apps to better understand your customer and increase engagement leading to sales and upselling opportunities.


Apps like Rapportive will help you know more about your users based on their information available online from sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr , About.me and others. When you install the app in your browser, you can constantly connect with the customers on any of these sites right from your inbox.


You can add notes directly about the prospects on the Rapportive profile display. For the users that you have connected with on other sites, you can see their activities such as tweets, Facebook shares, etc. on their Rapportive profile. All this information enables you to better understand your prospects and know what kind of content to send them to educate and hopefully close sales.

Scout Analytics

Another app that can help you with SaaS drip marketing is Scout Analytics. The Scout Yield Optimize helps you to increase trial conversions, yields and renewals through predictive analytics for sales and marketing.

The app features a host of predictive analytics data and tools that enable you to better understand your trial users and hence implement smarter marketing approaches. With Predictive Renewals, each subscription is classified as a retention risk, cross-sell or upsell and pricing recommendations are offered. Background data is used to improve negotiation and quoting.

SaaS drip marketing helps you to reach your trial users with more effective content that will educate them and improve their likelihood of converting to paid customers. You can use a number of CRM apps or marketing automation tools to automate your drip marketing and monitor different metrics that are crucial to conversions. Understanding your customers and how they use your application will help you to offer them a better value proposition that will make them convert.