There’s enough literature on their importance. We all have them.

They end up in our brains like travellers in a foreign country, constantly bumping into their older counterparts, constantly forming new connections.

Some make sense in our heads but don’t survive to see the light of the day. Some change the world. They’re everywhere yet scarce.

They’re ideas.

If you run a subscription box startup, you have to come up with ideas all the time and then deliver them in a recurring fashion.

But sometimes it can get difficult to save yourself from an impending idea drought, no matter how well you understand your offering.

Here are 11 interesting ideas from other subscription box startups that you can draw inspiration from –

1 – Give a Discount

Because no one minds a discount.

Citrus Lane – Offers a 20% discount on all gift subscriptions

2 – Classify

Because a movie projector, a box of mexican jumping beans, an auto loading squeeze utility knife and Tolstoy’s magnum opus can all be great gift ideas for different people. Because deciding on a gift is hard. Make it easy for your customers.

Wingtip – Simple Classification

WingTip Categorization

Quarterly – Gift Guide

Quarterly Categorization

3 – Do a Holiday Special

Because holidays of years gone by have left an indelible mark on our memories and it’s good to be reminded of the old goodness.

Taste Trunk – The Thanksgiving Trunk

4 – Do a Limited Edition Box

Because the fear of missing out is real. And scarcity is Cialdini’s influence principle no. # 6.

Conscious Box – Limited Edition Subscription Boxes

Conscious Box Limited Edition

5 – Run a Survey

Because better questions lead to better products.

Bro Box – Resolution Survey

Bro Box Survey

6 – Make a Video

Because pictures are remembered better than words.

Club W – Gift Responsibly

7 – Give Options

Because sometimes we can handle the paradox of choice.

Bespoke Post – Gift Cards and Boxes
Bespoke Post Gift Builder

8 – Get The Word Out

Because remarkable ideas spread.

Dollar Shave Club – Social Media Efforts

9 – Collaborate

Because collaboration brings new ideas to the table

Birch Box – A box curated in collaboration with BuzzFeed Life.

BirchBox BuzzFeed Collaboration

10 – Make it Your CTA

Because a big button with a clear call-to-action gets more clicks.

Candy Japan – Homepage CTA

Candy Japan CTA

11 – Get out

Because we’re humans and doing things that don’t scale matters.

Byliner – ThanksReading Campaign

Byliner ThanksReading

(Okay, they don’t do subscription boxes. But they are in the subscription business. They gave away Byliner-branded luggage tags to passer bys in streets of New York and San Francisco, Cards inside these luggage tags had the URL for their “ThanksReading” campaign, through which they gave away free access to 30 published stories.)

They are not enough, are they?

Keep looking. Scour the web. Ask your friends and their friends, keep collecting what you get. But remember –

What counts is the number of connections between ideas, not the number of ideas.
Shane Parrish

So, let them incubate. Let them ricochet and make sense of their own existence. And then become powerful enough to strike you with Eurekas.