Building a SaaS product – no matter how sophisticated, capable or best-in-class – is only half the battle. 

The other half is waged by the unsung heroes who toil day in and out to birth a hockey-stick SaaS revenue chart. These heroes obsess over every detail in their lead-to-ledger revenue flow, manage complex revenue operations, and make incremental progress towards another dollar realized, another penny saved.

Your Revenue Operations team is only as good as the heroes who get their hands dirty with everyday tasks. Here are the archetypes of RevOps Heroes who would take your SaaS on a  victory ride.

The Clairvoyant


Envisions the future – in terms of tools and processes – while solving for the present.

Without the vision of the future, whatever your Revenue Operations team tries to solve would leave a messy footprint that needs to be revisited in the near future. 

While picking a tool or setting up a process, the Clairvoyant focuses on building ways rather than accumulating bottlenecks. This acumen for operations stems from the doer hat they don and having done things the right ways and wrong ways.

The best of Clairvoyants are jacks of all trades – bringing knowledge from Marketing, Sales, and Finance into a deep business and market context. The Clairvoyant should understand each step of the entire Lead-to-Customer Cycle. A brownie point if they have worked in early-stage startups where the gap between “business” and “functions” is almost non-existent.

Saves revenue in the form of: Manager of Marketing/Sales/Finance, Revenue Operations Manager

The Skeptic


Obsesses with pushing the limits of perfection

While the team is out celebrating a victory, the Skeptic sits back unconvinced by percentage-based outcomes. They investigate and try to squeeze the best out of every revenue opportunity. Even if it contributes to a 0.1% improvement.  

From questioning why the CAC:LTV is a tad high to breaking heads around decreasing the delinquent churn rate even further, they explore limits of reason, identify inefficiencies and opportunities that everyone else passes off as ‘good enough’.

Saves revenue in the form of: RevOps Analyst, RevOps Specialist, Marketing/Sales/Finance/Billing Operations

The Detective


And there shall only be one key to the truth – the right questions.

The Skeptic walks in saying you are leaving a huge amount of money on the table because the value metric is not mapped rightly to the pricing point. And then what?

With the Skeptic on his back, the Detective digs deeper and deeper into data and the stories it tells until they unlock the mystery behind a problem. With this superpower, Detective brings in the ability to make a case for the missed revenue opportunities and point to processes that seem to be superficially working well but is actually causing revenue leakage.

To the Detective, the trees are as important as the forest.

Saves revenue in the form of: RevOps Analyst, RevOps Specialist, Marketing/Sales/Finance/Billing Operations

The Data Wizard


The enigma of numbers shall entice a few and baffle the rest.

The Data Wizard shrugs away from summarised data presented neatly in pie charts and line graphs. They like to muddle around with raw data constructing and deconstructing hypothesis to draw out conclusions. The Data Wizard is the one you go to for a forecast on billings, revenue, and cash to predict the future growth of the company. And beware, they won’t stop until a conclusion can no longer be scrutinized.

Saves revenue in the form of: RevOps Analyst, RevOps Specialist, Marketing/Sales/Finance/Billing Operations

The Plumber


Embraces the glorious mess that you are

The Plumber is exceptionally good with tools and workflows. From setting up the arsenal needed to run pricing experiments, coupon campaigns right in the CRM to create a seamless Quote-to-cash workflow, the Plumber is the hands-on person who runs around the clock like someone on performance-enhancing drugs. On the quest to set up leak-proof processes, the plumber is always on the lookout for better tools in the market. They have a vivid mental image of the big picture and retouches the canvas to paint a better picture. He is constantly curious. And constantly hungry.

Saves revenue in the form of: RevOps Analyst, RevOps Specialist, Marketing/Sales/Finance/Billing Operations

The Orchestrator


Ensures alignment of the stars for them to form the perfect constellation

If there is one thing that matters to Orchestrator, it is objectivity. They work closely with leadership and tie back every activity to your organization’s goals. When tension between different teams build-up, the Orchestrator steps in to pacify the situation and greases the wheels to ensure the lights stay on. At times, this might require reassessing the current state of things and establishing new ground rules. 

With the ability to think out of the box and unlearn things to see fresh perspectives, your Orchestrator is the glue that keeps the rest of your hyper-passionate revenue heroes from tearing at each other’s throats.

Saves revenue in the form of: CRO, VP or Director of Sales, Marketing, and Finance

With these heroes by your side and a fail-proof structure for your RevOps team, you are pretty guarded from the revenue rats, revenue inefficiencies and wide open to revenue opportunities.

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